Thursday, 31 January 2019

Is New York Times Preparing Hit Piece on Christian Education?

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From FreedomProject Media:

As more and more parents wake up to the horrors taking place in government schools today, it was inevitable that the educational establishment would push back. And following the manufactured controversy over Vice President Mike Pence's wife teaching art at a Christian school that believes the Bible, the establishment mouthpiece known as the New York Times sensed an opportunity to do just that.

The increasingly discredited newspaper, widely ridiculed by President Donald Trump and virtually all non-liberals as “fake news,” appears to be preparing a nasty hit piece on Christian schools and education. Writing on Twitter, Times “journalist” Dan Levin let the cat out of the bag, asking social-media users who attended Christian schools to contact him and share their stories to help expose Christian schools.

The nature of the stories he was seeking was not difficult to discern. Shedding any pretense of impartiality, Levin made clear what the real agenda was when he used the hashtag #exposechristianschools. The hashtag began making the rounds after the fake media concocted a phony “scandal” about Mrs. Pence's school expecting employees to adhere to biblical ethics on sexuality.

Indeed, the hashtag itself was created by notorious anti-Christian bigot Chris Stroop, who said he developed the concept to show “how traumatizing those bastions of bigotry are.” Of course, applied to any other religion — Judaism, Islam, or anything else — such language would no doubt be considered “hate speech” by the Times and other bastions of anti-Christian progressivism.

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Image: Haxorjoe via Wikimedia Commons

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