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Big Pharma Funds Indiana Indoctrination and Drugging of Kids

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From FreedomProjectMedia:

Under the guise of “social-emotional learning” and “counseling,” Big Government and Big Pharma-funded activists are teaming up in Indiana to indoctrinate, screen, data-mine, manipulate, and drug school children, according to education activists in the state. But after obtaining documents on the schemes using the Freedom of Information Act, the Indiana Liberty Coalition vowed to expose the plot.

“The Indiana Liberty Coalition is launching a statewide education initiative to let parents know what is happening in the schools,” said Rhonda Miller, education chair for the non-profit coalition, in a press release announcing the educational campaign. “The ILC will be creating resources for parents to take back to their school districts to protect their children.”

The saga begins in 2016, when the Big Pharma-funded Lilly Endowment's Counseling Initiative “bribed” government schools to set up “social-emotional comprehensive counseling programs.” Among other schemes, the initiative unleashes more “mental-health” providers on school children while gathering all sorts of private and highly sensitive data on children. Parents are being sidelined, with some reporting that schools ignored their opt-out forms.

The data being gathered by schools and companies such as Naviance through surveys, counselors, computer systems, and more is then used to determine what sort of “interventions” to use to modify the students' behavior. The Indiana Liberty Coalition suggested such intrusive violations may be used to target, for instance, Christian children who do not accept the so-called LGBTQ agenda, among other controversial political and social goals.

The idea is hardly far-fetched considering what is going on and who is involved. Consider that one of the key players in all of this is Trisch Hatch, who served as vice-president of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). The ASCA “National Model” is being used in the Indiana plan. Hatch, who developed the “Hatching Results” program being used to train school counselors, serves on the board of an LGBT-promoting foundation named after notorious child-raping homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

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