Tuesday, 05 March 2019

NC Wants 40% to be Passing Grade for Public Schools

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From FreedomProject Media:

As government education gets more and more dumbed down, lawmakers in North Carolina are working on legislation to cement a grading scale into place for public schools in which a 40 percent is considered a passing grade. Yes, seriously.

The proposed bill with the grading scale would not affect student grades — after all, students are routinely graduating from government schools unable to even read their high-school diploma, so there is no need to mess with the phony grades being dispensed like candy. The reality of “grade inflation” is now well established, as government increasingly rewards teachers and schools that give students the best grades while punishing those that give students grades reflecting their work. One teacher in Florida was even fired for objecting to the grade lunacy.

Under the proposed North Carolina grading scale for schools, which has already been in use for years but would be made permanent with HB 145, an “A” school could earn an 85 percent and up, while B schools would need a 70 percent or more. Anything between 40 and 54 percent would secure a “D,” meaning the school would be considered a “passing” school. Even with the ludicrous scale, one in five schools in some counties are “failing.”

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