Monday, 18 March 2019

U.S. Faces “National Reading Crisis,” Education Week Admits

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From FreedomProject Media:

The quackery that passes for “reading instruction” in government schools just suffered another major blow, with yet another influential publication blowing the whistle on the real source of America’s staggering illiteracy crisis. Spoiler alert: It is the “reading instruction” that is the problem.

Writing in Education Week (EdWeek), a coalition of school officials explained that America is facing “a national reading crisis.” And it certainly is. The reason is simple: Educators across America know very little about how to properly teach reading.

Indeed, the “sight word” quackery mandated under Common Core — first exposed as a failure over 150 years ago when it was tried in Boston — has produced an illiteracy crisis that is unprecedented in human history.

In that time, under the direction of Horace Mann, John Dewey, and their disciples, America went from being the most literate society on the planet two centuries ago, to facing an illiteracy crisis that threatens the nation’s future today.

Regular readers of The Newman Report already know well the cataclysmic scope of the problem. In California, for instance, half of children cannot read at even a proficient level, according to the government’s own tests. In D.C., two thirds of the population over 15 is functionally illiterate, the State Education Agency report revealed.

In EdWeek, the three education officials write that, “Systemic failures have left educators overwhelmingly unaware of the research on how kids learn to read.” Systemic failures implies that this was all some huge accident. In reality, as exposed in the book Crimes of the Educators, there was no systemic failure — it was a deliberate, strategic plan.

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