Wednesday, 22 January 2020

California Kills Bill to Protect Parental Rights on Sex Ed

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From FreedomProject Media:

Under pressure from Planned Parenthood and other tax-funded perverts seeking to sexualize children at the earliest possible ages, California lawmakers killed a bill that would have required parental consent for radical “comprehensive sex education” in government schools. But the fight is not over.

The legislation, known as SB 673, would have changed state law on “sex ed,” currently mandated from Kindergarten, from an “opt-out” system, to one requiring parents to “opt in” for their children with a signature. It applied only for children in K through 6th grade in public schools. The measure also would have required school districts to make the material available to parents.

The bill was filed amid growing concerns surrounding extreme sexualization and indoctrination being forced on captive children in public schools, much of which has been documented by The Newman Report in recent years. Among other abuses, young California children are being encouraged to fornicate and engage in “safe” sodomy.

It appears that the raunchy LGBT propaganda, which has now infected virtually every subject, would have remained mandatory even under SB 673, with no opt out.

The chief sponsor of the bill, California Senator Mike Morrell, a Republican from Rancho Cucamonga, explained that parents all over the Golden State are upset about what is being taught under the guise of “sex education.” And they want it stopped — or at least they want to help parents to protect their children.

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