Seemingly abandoning centuries of Catholic tradition on education, Pope Francis called for a “universal” interfaith “global village” to take over schooling and teach children everywhere how to properly care for the earth and get along with each other.

The Science and Technology Studies program at Williams College is conducting an “inclusive” symposium that specifically excludes white scholars.

On Friday, California’s Assembly passed a radical pro-abortion bill that would provide free abortions to all college and university students by a vote of 55-19.

After taking God out of education, government officials now act surprised that students are killing each other and themselves. And so, under the guise of stopping mass shootings and “self-harm,” government schools across America are developing increasingly sophisticated and intrusive espionage schemes to spy on students.

VIDEO - In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman brings attention to what’s been happening in the public school system for decades. Beginning with John Dewey, through the Bill Gates funded Common Core standards, the public school have been at the mercy of those who have cheerleaders for communism, globalism, the United Nations, and environmentalism.

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