A new study shows that if SAT scores alone determined admissions, our nation’s most prestigious universities “would be wealthier, whiter, and more male,” as Zero Hedge summarizes it.

In a ham-handed effort to mislead concerned parents and protect the education establishment, the far-left “fact checking” website PolitiFact has again exposed itself as a dishonest purveyor of misleading propaganda rather than a genuine fact-checking service.

Over 66 percent of graduates express buyer's remorse after graduation, but the numbers vary when broken down by generation and field of study.

A six-year-old Canadian girl was so traumatized by her public school’s lessons on gender that her parents have filed a complaint with their province’s human rights tribunal.

The University of Alabama is returning the largest donation it had ever received to a Florida businessman who recently urged a boycott of the school because its state enacted a law banning almost all abortions.

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