A teacher in California is forced to retire for using a Confederate battle flag, along with a period Union flag, during a history lesson on the Civil War to middle school students. The district said he might have made student feel "unsafe."

Just days into his administration, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation in honor of “National School Choice Week,” touching on an important theme of his non-traditional campaign for the White House. In addition to honoring teachers across the educational landscape — public schools, private schools, and more — Trump also touted homeschooling. So, for advocates of real education and educational liberty, experts say there is much to be pleased with in the proclamation.

In the document, though, Trump also calls on state and federal lawmakers to expand “school choice,” by which he presumably means allocating more taxpayer dollars to private, religious, and charter schools. Aside from constitutional problems with such a program at the federal level, there are a wide array of concerns with the broader agenda among conservatives and liberals alike. In fact, some critics say the "school choice" agenda is a key element of the globalist establishment's plan to undermine educational freedom.

Despite the controversial agenda and violent nature of the Black Lives Matter movement, teachers in Philadelphia are participating in a BLM week for their students, provoking backlash from teachers and critics.

U.S. college campuses are treating references to God as an offense, unless of course they are blasphemous, heavily politicized with a Marxist skew, or simply within the criteria of the PC police.

The PC movement continues to barrel through college campuses across the country with extraordinary steam as exemplified by a new campaign against so-called offensive language at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, in which students are asked to avoid innocuous words and phrases like “you guys” and “crazy.” The school published a guide for its “Check Yourself Educational Campaign” in which it lists a set of terms and words that are said to be offensive.

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