New York City’s best high schools — the “specialized” ones, as they’re known — may not be the best for long. That is, if Mayor Bill de Blasio has his way, as he wants to dumb down admissions standards to increase “diversity.”

Whether Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan is a student of radical Saul Alinsky or not, he floated a radical idea to impose gun control to see if it might work.

Ninety-four percent of school shootings occur at public schools, yet millions of Americans continue sending their children to those institutions.

A video gone viral of a black student at Stanford announcing that he is escaping the liberal plantation is a graphic illustration of a growing sentiment among the African-American population.

Amid an apparent wave of school shootings exploited by the press to attack gun rights, a growing number of parents are now exploring a much more sensible option: withdrawing their children entirely.

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