North Carolina's State Board of Education would require that students learn principles that were fundamental to the founding of the United States, if legislation now being considered in the Tar Heel State is enacted.

The recent annual ASU-GSV conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, drew 270 companies, including Google and Microsoft, looking for the next big thing in education.

Lawmakers in Tennessee voted overwhelmingly this week to “review and replace” the Obama administration-backed Common Core standards, which have sparked a nationwide uprising among teachers, parents, and taxpayers that transcends traditional political divides. The bill, which the governor is expected to sign, drew widespread applause — at least from some quarters. However, the celebrations may have been premature, and not everyone is happy about the legislation that analysts say may ultimately do nothing more than rename the scheme after a “review."

Horace Mitchell Primary School in Kittery Point, Maine, is under fire for presenting a lesson from a book on transgenderism to its students without providing advance notice to parents. Superintendent Allyn Hutton stated it was an oversight on the school’s part.

Somerville, New Jersey, high school teacher Patricia Jannuzzi was suspended on March 13 after several of her Facebook postings against same-sex marriage and the “gay” political and social agenda.

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