Proving again that “the eye altering alters all,” a Pennsylvania high-school girl recently found a boy’s lustful eye fixed upon her in her locker room — then was told her only recourse was to wait outside until he was done changing.

The quackery that passes for “reading instruction” in government schools just suffered another major blow, with yet another influential publication blowing the whistle on the real source of America’s staggering illiteracy crisis.

A new coalition of evangelical leaders in the education space just announced a campaign to promote Christian education, all while educating parents and pastors on the dangers that government schools present to children and the church.

VIDEO - In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine, Salt and Light Council President Dran Reese explained how churches are bringing truth and a biblical worldview to black communities across America. Working with prominent black pastors, the Salt & Light Council educates communities on how some black Americans are "being used as pawns of change." As part of the Content of Character series, the group travels America giving education and training seminars. Humans are all the same race, Reese said, which is why the group works to end the racial divide being fueled and exploited by change agents. The group also provides true black history and exposes the ongoing black genocide perpetrated by groups such as Planned Parenthood. They highlight voter fraud, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and other crucial issues that impact the black community.

A growing wave of outrage among minority communities is sweeping over California, with furious parents blasting the state’s Department of Education for trying to hide radical LGBT propaganda in school from parents.

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