If armed teachers are verboten, then a bucket of rocks kept in the closet of each classroom seems as bright an idea as any.

VIDEO - In this video, Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman of The New American explains how the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship is infiltrating U.S. universities and schools. Among other tactics, the regime's front group, the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation has been showering "grants" on American institutions of higher learning that are then used to promote Communist Chinese propaganda. Another scheme involves so-called "Confucius Institutes." These centers, funded by the murderous regime, purport to teach the Chinese language and culture. But they also promote the regime's lies and deception on Tibet, Taiwan, communism, international affairs, and much more. This is a threat to education and national security that must be resisted.

You wouldn’t think your kids could get suspended from school just because you exercised your constitutionally guaranteed rights off campus, but this is apparently what happened to one New Jersey family.

A California teacher questioned Wednesday’s national anti-gun school walkout — then found herself in the cross hairs, being told not to come to work that day at all.

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