Being implemented hand in hand with the new national curriculum standards being pushed on schools, called Common Core, is government surveillance of students.

Common Core — new national education standards that the federal government is bribing and coercing states to adopt — will harm students, not benefit them.

In this short video presentation, Dr. Duke Pesta describes what's wrong with the Common Core standards that are being imposed on American public schools.

VIDEO - Karen Schroeder, President of the Advocates for Academic Freedom, speaks about the Common Core curriculum that is being implemented across the United States. She speaks on the dangers of the federal government controlling the education of America's youths.
VIDEO - Dr. Duke Pesta, the academic director of Freedom Project Academy, describes what’s wrong with the federalized, one-size-fits-all Common Core standards for American education. Math by estimation and minimizing Classical Western Literature are just the beginning of these hazardous standards will be pushed on students whether parents want them or not.

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