Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan for his city's public schools could have the effect of funneling poor students into the military.

King’s College London has bowed to the demands of snowflakes and agreed to add a “wall of diversity” to counterbalance the presence of portraits and busts of the school’s white founders, the UK’s Telegraph reports. It marks the latest effort in a series of similar moves on college campuses in the United States to place a greater emphasis on race and ethnicity, which often includes targeting and eliminating white men.

Feminist professor Carrie Mott and a colleague, Daniel Cockayne, are discouraging students and scholars from citing white males in their research, claiming it perpetuates what they’ve dubbed “white heteromasculinism,” in the latest social justice effort to villainize white men.

The decline in moral values among so many millennial Americans, especially as it relates to marriage and family, is costing them big time — not just spiritually and intellectually, but financially as well. And the consequences are becoming increasingly widespread.

We balk at the notion that the sins of the fathers are visited upon their children. But a new study confirms that a society that coddles and enables its youth, dooms them to a life of anxiety, entitlement, and wasted potential.

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