“Years ago you knew who the bad girls were,” a woman close to me once noted. “Now you know who the good girls are.” For this we can thank the virtue destroyers, and they’ve just struck again, pressuring a Texas school into removing from a wall a quotation encouraging girls to be ladies.

School districts across the country are arming their teachers and staff in an effort to avoid becoming the scene of the next armed atrocity.

Former President Obama's Education Secretary Arne Duncan said President Trump wants American children to be ignorant because he has authoritarian tendencies. Seriously.

Under the guise of “security,” government schools are squandering millions of taxpayer dollars to become even more like prisons.

Lawmakers in Illinois, apparently unashamed as their state implodes into insolvency, are working on a bill that would fix ... the supposed lack of enough homosexual and transgender history? Yes, really.

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