With the national uproar over the Obama administration-backed “Common Core” nationalization of education reaching a fever pitch from Florida and Louisiana to New Hampshire and Wisconsin, education expert Dr. Duke Pesta is now speaking out in an exclusive video for The New American about the looming nationwide school standards for history, science, and sexuality.

VIDEO - Veteran educator Mary Black explains how, contrary to establishment claims, Common Core and the federal government's broader education "reform" agenda will indeed vacuum up huge amounts of information on American children for data-mining and other purposes.
VIDEO - Dr. Duke Pesta, academic director at Freedom Project Education, discusses the dangers of the new Common Core national education standards. He highlights the particular concerns parents should have about the upcoming health, sexuality, science, and history standards that will soon be used in our nation's public schools. Are parents aware of these pending dangers?

As outrage grows surrounding the nationalization of American education through “Common Core,” a scheme to harmonize school standards led by the establishment and the Obama administration, lawmakers in Wisconsin have finally begun holding long-awaited hearings on the deeply controversial effort. In an in-studio video produced by The New American, educational expert Mary Black, who testified at the state Capitol about the myriad dangers of Common Core, explained what happened at the hearing.

VIDEO - In an exclusive in-studio video produced by The New American magazine, veteran educator Mary Black, who testified against Common Core October 3 at a Wisconsin hearing, speaks with fellow educational expert Dr. Duke Pesta about what happened and why the nationalization of education is a bad idea.

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