An Iowa bill would require homeschool families to allow government officials into their homes to check on children.

Children as young as five will now be required to learn about homosexual and transgender relationships in U.K. public schools, and parents’ rights to withdraw them from such classes will be restricted, under new guidelines issued by the government.

The Santa Barbara, California, school district is being sued for promoting an anti-white and leftist curriculum — but that district is not the only one pushing such ideas.

A new web series called the “Radical Cram School” is indoctrinating young Asian girls and other “people of color” into becoming radical feminists, socialists, racists, revolutionaries, anti-American zealots, and full-blown social-justice warriors.

VIDEO - Clovis North High School administrator’s prohibition of conservative, senior student Maddie Mueller from wearing a MAGA hat is only the latest example of students being targeted by academia for their conservative or Christian religious beliefs.

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