An Education Department memo says the department will now investigate schools for failing to refer to transgender students by their "preferred name or pronoun," and the memo could be used to reinstate Obama's bathroom policy.

Despite spending more per pupil than all but two large school districts in America, at least half a dozen government schools in Baltimore were unable to produce one single student who was proficient in either English or math last year.

Another Kansas professor has left over the campus concealed-carry issue. The new law is proving to operate as a self-cleansing tool.

Parents and taxpayers in New York State are furious over problems in local government schools ranging from lessons that promote Islam and whitewash terrorism, to an obscene so-called “art project” blasting President Donald Trump with profanity.

As a 25-year university professor, I can say definitively that even The Simpson’s could not satirize higher education anymore effectively than colleges are currently parodying themselves.

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