The University of Kansas (KU) is the latest college to villainize white males, this time in a course entitled “Angry White Male Studies,” for which students can actually earn college credits.

Brittney Cooper, an associate professor at New Jersey’s Rutgers University, divulged the shocking revelation that time is a construct of the white patriarchy in a Ted Radio Hour on National Public Radio.

After blowing the whistle on the disastrous “reading” program in the Common Core standards, Dr. Louisa Moats, one of the contributors to it, is criticizing the U.S. Department of Education’s increasingly detrimental role in education as well.

The reading program in the Common Core national standards is contributing to an escalating crisis in literacy across America because the standards are deeply flawed and not based on science.

“Transgender” ideology has apparently become not just prevalent, but ascendent, in some public-school systems.

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