The “separation of church and state” is certainly upheld in today’s government schools. As for the separation of mosque and state, well, not so much. A case in point is Chatham Middle School (CMS) in Chatham, New Jersey, where students were shown Islamic propaganda videos that included an explicit call to convert to Islam.

It is becoming increasingly clear that social justice warriors (SJWs) don’t actually want to achieve “equality,” as in equal access and opportunity, but lower standards to create an illusion of equality. A prime example of this is on display at Oxford University, the once prestigious school in London, where students have now been offered extra testing time during math and science exams in the hopes that it would alleviate the gender gap in which the male students are outperforming the female students.

Despite blasting federal overreach in education and making other statements sure to delight conservatives and constitutionalists, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos continued to mislead Americans on Common Core last week. Indeed, despite the dumbed-down national standards still being in place in almost every state, DeVos falsely claimed that Common Core was “dead” at the Department of Education.

A government high school in Virginia forced children to sit through an assembly promoting gender confusion, genital mutilation in “sex-change” surgeries, and other absurdities.

Lawmakers and academics in the Lone Star State are on edge after the mass-murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was exposed trying to buy influence and shape the narrative at the University of Texas and other American educational institutions.

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