Tax-funded abortion and lobbying behemoth Planned Parenthood, which butchers hundreds of thousands of unborn children each year, has a message for parents: Assume your child may grow up to be homosexual and confused about their gender, or risk damaging them. Seriously.

In a vicious and shockingly dishonest hit piece demonizing millions of great Americans, the New York Times attacked Americans who reject government schools as basically neo-Confederate theocrats who want to bring back slavery.

Communist and socialist regimes murdered over 100 million of their own people in the last hundred years, and the body count keeps rising; yet young Americans know so little about these tragedies.

An advisory committee for the Minnesota Department of Education recently approved a “toolkit” that purports to provide guidance and shape policy for public school integration of transgender students.

A longtime education activist seeking to rescue Christian children from government schools, Exodus Mandate Director Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore (ret.), is seizing on the release of the new movie Dunkirk to advance his cause.

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