A new web series called the “Radical Cram School” is indoctrinating young Asian girls and other “people of color” into becoming radical feminists, socialists, racists, revolutionaries, anti-American zealots, and full-blown social-justice warriors.

VIDEO - Clovis North High School administrator’s prohibition of conservative, senior student Maddie Mueller from wearing a MAGA hat is only the latest example of students being targeted by academia for their conservative or Christian religious beliefs.

Across America this week, government schools and teachers are celebrating “Black Lives Matter Week” by indoctrinating innocent children into globalism, racialism, transgenderism, collectivism, and other dangerous ideologies.

Health and welfare bureaucrats in Idaho are under fire from lawmakers and outraged citizens for, among other scandals, sexualizing school children in the state using federal Obama-era grants to circumvent state and local officials.

To fight the problem of poor education in government schools, The New American recommends separating school and state, and returning our country to the private education that was the norm prior to the public-school system.

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