A General Social Survey poll finds that today’s college students are far less tolerant of controversial speech than they were four decades ago.

In an unusual move that comes amid intensifying efforts across America to provide what critics call “medicine at gun point,” dozens of schoolchildren were banned from attending class in Rochester, Minnesota, for not proving they received a dizzying array of government-mandated vaccines. The reported number of students removed from school began at around 80, declining to about 60 soon afterward.

Instead of teaching lessons based on the tried and true — the results of thousands of years of trial and error — schools adhere to the latest whims and fads, damaging youth.

Christopher Columbus, the man who brought Christianity to the Western Hemisphere, is now being trashed by the president of a Christian college with a conservative reputation.

A single mother homeschooling her children was arrested and her property was impounded by the Child Protective Services (CPS) agency in Buffalo, New York, which claimed she was inflicting "educational neglect" on her children by teaching them at home.

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