After sparking a national outcry, the government school in Florida that was persecuting a male middle-school teacher for refusing to watch a young girl shower naked is doubling down.

A teacher turned whistleblower at a government school in the United Kingdom warned that vulnerable children — most of whom have autism and other mental disorders — were being “tricked” and “brainwashed” into believing they are the wrong sex by school officials.

Instructors at a British university have been told not to use the words “do” and “don’t” and not to write words in all capital letters because doing so could frighten students into not completing assignments.

Men are under assault on the campus by left-wing activism, and a Ph.D. student at Southern California has persuaded the U.S. Department of Education to investigate such discrimination.

Authorities in Canada's Alberta province are giving Christian schools a choice: Quit being Christian and teaching the truth of God's Word, or be suspended and potentially even shut down.

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