In this age of “trigger warnings” and “micro-agressions” on unhinged college campuses, one academic has had enough. English Professor Dr. James “Duke” Pesta at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh of FreedomProject fame is in the national news for a unique approach to the lunacy.

Little boys and little girls across the state of Oregon will now be forced to shower, change clothes, and even use the toilet in the same facilities as the opposite sex, unless a successful appeal is made,

They call it the Show-me State. But what will be shown, and to whom, is a good question now that a Kansas City school district is going to force boys and girls to use the same bathrooms. 

A tax-funded school in Atlanta, Georgia, announced that students would no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. Instead, the school said students would be expected to recite the “Wolf Pack Chant” that will “focus on students’ civic responsibility to,” among other things, “our global society,” officials said.

“Years ago you knew who the bad girls were,” a woman close to me once noted. “Now you know who the good girls are.” For this we can thank the virtue destroyers, and they’ve just struck again, pressuring a Texas school into removing from a wall a quotation encouraging girls to be ladies.

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