The latest round of insanity on a tax-funded college campus in America reportedly began in late May, when Biology Professor Bret Weinstein objected to a “Day of Absence” scheme that was supposed to prohibit white students and faculty from attending the college.

University of Chicago students have outlined a list of expensive and outrageous demands for the college that underscores how little they actually care about inclusion, as the list includes requests for the creation of separate racially themed academic departments and housing units and ultimately marginalizes white students.

A Marxist black student group at the University of California, Santa Cruz that took over an administration building earlier this month is celebrating having its initial demands met but is threatening more “reclamations” unless the university meets additional demands.

“Build that wall” does not refer to cordoning off the Truth from hungry eyes. This should be noted by some North Carolina educators, who seized every copy of a high-school yearbook because it contained President Trump’s quoted slogan.

Somehow Professor Dorman neglected to mention that he failed once again to be promoted to full professor after 10 years on KU's faculty as an associate professor. Just a coincidence?

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