Students enrolled in Indiana University’s “Gender Studies” can take a course called “We’re All A Little Crazy: Gender, Madness, & Popular Culture.” But the purveyors of this tax-funded lunacy seem more than just a “little” crazy.

The University of Michigan is treating "whiteness" as a condition to be approached with caution. The Daily Wire reports that the college offered its white Student Life employees training on how to address the "discomfort" of being white so that they may better engage with non-white students.

A series of wildly inappropriate books forced on school children in California turned into a war between concerned parents who want to be notified, on one side, and tax-funded proponents of sexualizing children without parental consent on the other.

A college professor paid by taxpayers to “educate” students caused a scandal by offering extra credit to her victims if they helped oppose the Trump-backed tax reform plan going through Congress.

Children at government schools in California may be able to tell you all the latest dogma on gender theory or “climate change,” but official numbers show most of them cannot read or do math at even a basic level.

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