VIDEO - Pastor Alvin Dupree is a member of the school board for the school district of Appleton, Wisconsin. He sat down with correspondent Alex Newman in studio to discuss the status of school systems and pushing of particular agendas. Pastor Dupree shares specific examples in the area where students have committed suicide due to bullying from opposing these agendas.

A male middle-school teacher in Florida is being punished for refusing to watch a female student shower naked after physical-education class, sparking an outcry among parents and advocates for sanity everywhere.

The technology is supposed to make schoolchildren safer — but should parents be concerned about their children's privacy?

VIDEO - Polish journalist Eunicka Chojecka talks with The New American about a lawsuit filed against her by the university where she was studying for her Ph.D. She and 2 other students organized a debate on campus over Creation and evolution. Eunicka shares her challenges and triumphs with the multi-year suit.

Parents are infuriated after learning that Rocky Top Middle School in Colorado brought in a drag queen for the school’s career day event last Friday without first notifying them of the bizarre guest.

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