California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have mandated public universities in California to provide the abortion pill to students.

Google, one of the most controversial corporations in the world, is spying on America's school children — without the knowledge or consent of the students or their parents.

When students do not hand in an assignment, they get a zero pretty much everywhere in the world — but not at West Gate K-8 school in Port St. Lucie, Florida, apparently.

A new globalism-promoting “morality” test to be used by government schools in the United Arab Emirates has education watchdogs sounding the alarm. The standardized assessment will center on so-called “social and emotional learning,” a new frontier in education that is meant to scientifically indoctrinate students with government-approved attitudes, values, and beliefs. Meet the Moral Education Standardized Assessment (MESA).

Despite the best efforts by the Left to claim that there are no differences between males and females, pesky science continues to rear its ugly head and disprove that notion. A new study out of Queensland, Australia, has found that girls perform significantly better than boys in the United States on standardized reading and writing tests. Pair this with studies showing that boys outperform girls mathematically and the Left may implode. Perhaps biology matters more than they’d like to believe.

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