McManusJohn Birch Society President John F. McManus brought a level of optimism to the freedom fight when he told the Fox News Network’s Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano July 1 that restoring freedom through pressure on the U.S. House of Representatives is “doable.”

Joey LoganoThis past weekend, Joey Logano became the first home scholar to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. Who said that homeschoolers, numbering around two million, only make the news for succeeding at spelling bees and outscoring the competition on standardized tests?

teacher with no studentsIn this age of budget woes and bailouts, it may surprise some to hear that governments are paying workers to do nothing. Yet that is exactly what is happening in New York City, where hundreds of school teachers accused of misconduct — sometimes the sexual variety — are receiving upwards of $70,000 annually to wile away time in "temporary reassingment centers," with taxpayers footing the bill to the tune of $65 million a year. Karen Matthews of the Associated Press reports:

StudentAfter decades of hand-wringing over nonexistent or, at best, mediocre gains in student academic achievement, the most noticeable thing to come out of all the "studies" aimed at improving schools is that there is a lack of any understanding of what a "real" education looks like.

Girl StudiesThere are 322 languages spoken in the United States, but the people have selected one lingua to rule over them all.

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