kids globeWhen I was a wee lad in elementary school — this was back when global cooling was dogma — we kids had all heard about killer bees. You may remember the story: Scientists in Brazil had bred the African honey bee with a European honey bee and succeeded in creating, well, a really mean bee. These hybrids then escaped from their captors and started spreading throughout the Americas, bullying the nice bees and occasionally killing people. This prompted some sensationalistic stories in the media about the perils of these impudent insects, and we kids were scared. Would K-i-l-l-e-r B-e-e-s (gasp!) be the end of us? I suppose it could have made a good movie. The “Bees from Brazil,” anyone?

A lot has changed since 1960. If Connie Francis were to sing “Where the Boys Are” today, she would not likely be talking about Ft. Lauderdale. And she probably wouldn’t be talking about college, either. This is because, in a decades-old phenomenon, boys have increasingly been stumbling academically.

ignoranceIf ignorance really were bliss, anti-depressants would not be popped like M&M’s today. This is the conclusion we have to draw if a recent ABC News article entitled “Are We Becoming A Nation of Know-Nothings?” (ironically, ABC erred in capitalizing “a” in their title) is any indication of the true state of America.

kevin jennings educationOver the past few months, a movement has been growing to expel President Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings from his post. The effort has been led primarily by Christian groups such as Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), MassResistance, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women of America, and the American Family Association.

Tears, tears for old Notre Dame! That's how the national news media, that "herd of independent minds," is playing the big sports story of last weekend, perhaps the biggest of this year's college football season. Notre Dame lost again to another school that is regarded as something less than a college football powerhouse. The University of Connecticut, still a comparative newcomer in Division 1-A ranks, invaded the storied South Bend campus and didn't have the decency to stop at coming close. The Huskies of UConn ran off with a double-overtime victory and left the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame looking once again like the uninspired Quarreling Multiculturalists of South Bend Secular U.

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