Again demonstrating that there's no one as illiberal as a liberal, students at the University of Texas, San Antonio have launched a “No whites allowed” magazine.

A Marquette University professor who was stripped of his tenure, suspended without pay, and ordered to apologize for making a comment that strayed from liberal orthodoxy is headed to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

The Chinese government is using dishonest and underhanded tactics — including using Chinese student groups on U.S. college campuses — to influence both perception and public policy in the United States. 

The so-called “student” movement dubbed “March for Our Lives” seeking to disarm the American people is not everything it seems to be.

Just 42 percent of Washington, D.C., high-school seniors in government schools are on track to graduate this year, according to data released by D.C. Public Schools. And of those, many, if not most, will be woefully unqualified to do much of anything, including read or do basic math.

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