The mayor of Charleston, West Virginia, has announced she will not be changing the name of the city’s annual holiday parade to the “Charleston Winter Parade” after backlash from church leaders and community members.

On the second day of a special Synod for the Pan-American Region, with Pope Francis himself in attendance, the Roman Catholic meeting called for adding “ecological sins” to the catalogue of sins that human beings can commit.

Thanks largely to fawning media stories and propaganda from LGBTQ activists, the demand for gender reassignment surgeries is at an all-time high. But many are regretting the decision to have such surgeries. 

After statements to the effect that Pope Francis might accept married priests, some cardinals said they’ll call for the pope’s resignation if the move goes through, and observers warn that it could create a schism.

A director at Planned Parenthood claims the abortion giant has advised Hollywood on more than 150 productions since 2014, underscoring once more that Hollywood is a bastion of leftism.

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