Vermont’s health insurance managers will now require taxpayers, via Medicaid, to pay for “sex reassignment surgery” for minors.

One of America’s most popular children’s television channels is promoting June as LGBTQ “Pride” month.

The Supreme Court has rejected notorious atheist Michael Newdow’s latest effort to expunge an official expression of religious sentiment.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the "Save Chick-fil-A" bill, which prohibits governments in his state from taking “adverse action” against individuals or businesses because of their contributions to religious organizations.

It does not take a degree in biology to understand that there exists just two sexes/genders, but that has not stopped the social-justice warriors from their tirade against the irrefutable science that gender fluidity is a symptom of a mental health crisis. Now the Vatican has weighed in on the subject with a statement that slams gender theory and the notion of gender spectrum.

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