The infamous “swamp” and its “fake news” media organs were foaming at the mouth after President Donald Trump's Monday speech at the National Scout Jamboree. From fury over Trump's defense of “Merry Christmas,” to manufactured outrage about the president's alleged politicking in front of children, the establishment press was in full meltdown mode as anti-Trump hysteria masquerading as “news” flooded the wires. No doubt the swipe against ObamaCare or the half a dozen references to God annoyed the press, too. Perhaps what most infuriated the swamp and its increasingly discredited “mainstream” media, though, were Trump's repeated jabs at their never-ending stream of “fake news” and “fake polls.”

The rainbow is a symbol of God's grace, and has been for thousands of years. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has decided it's time to reclaim the symbol from the homosexual rights movement.

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed a bill into law giving "transgender" students legal protections in the state's public schools.

Republicans in the U.S. Congress are hoping to derail or stall implementation of a new Washington, D.C. ordinance giving terminally ill patients the right to kill themselves.

Parents and Christian leaders are raising the alarm over the popular magazine's recent article promoting sodomy to its young and vulnerable readers.

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