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Moore Drops F-Bomb, Blasphemes at Catholic College

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Michael Moore, orotund oracle of the radical left and alleged Catholic, befouled Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. during a speech at the campus on September 30.

According to the, the one-time seminarian — or so Moore claims in his book, Here Comes Trouble — not only proved he is an abominable lout but also flatly unbosomed a blasphemy. Moore joked about using filthy language at the oldest Catholic college in the United States, then wisecracked about Jesus Christ, the Blaze reported.

Everything, though, seems to be a big joke to Moore, whose “documentaries,” critics note, document little but his left-wing politics and crackpot theories.

F-bomb and Blasphemy

“Sorry I said [the f-word] the first time. I didn’t realize I was in a church,” the propagandist told the crowd, the Blaze reported. As well, the website revealed:

[H]e also spoke at length about health care, young voters’ disenchantment with President Barack Obama and the need for the wealthy to pay higher taxes. He said affluent Americans “seemed happy” when their income was taxed at a higher rate (“60 and 70 percent”).

But the f-bomb wasn’t enough for the man who lied about the late General Motors chief Roger Smith, and ambushed Charlton Heston, then suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, and ridiculed him in a documentary.

Moore joked that Jesus was a homosexual, the Blaze reported:

“You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with? Mhm,” he said to laughter.

Moore made a few more provocative comments during the question-and-answer portion of his talk. When asked by a student, who said he was British, if a country can be considered “civilized” if it’s “legal to own an AK-47″ machine gun, Moore said no.

“If you want protection, get a dog,” he said.

The university’s official report of Moore’s speech somehow avoided Moore’s inappropriate remarks.


Moore has made a fortune selling “documentaries” which purportedly expose the injustices of the free market, the danger of guns, and the foibles and faults of everyone … but Michael Moore.

But Moore is a propagandist who peddles lies.

In his break-out documentary, “Roger & Me,” for instance, he flatly lied about not being able to interview GM Chairman Roger Smith. As Louis Wittig wrote in his review of a documentary about Moore, “Manufacturing Dissent,” by liberal Rick Caine and Debbie Melnyk, Moore purposely mangled the truth not only about the devastation in Flint, Michigan, but also about Smith himself.

Wrote Wittig, “In a Roger & Me montage, Moore chronicles Flint's embarrassingly desperate efforts at economic revitalization. He leads viewers to believe they occurred after GM left town. In fact, they were tried and failed well before it.”

As well, Wittig noted, Moore also purports to reveal “how Nightline planned to do a special on Flint, where struggling local leaders were to talk with Ted Koppel via satellite hook up.”

In the next scene, a local TV reporter informs audiences that the special has been cancelled because ABC's satellite truck was stolen by an unemployed GM worker. What a gem. How did Moore get it? Caine and Melnyk made some calls.

The answer is, he made it up. There was no laid-off car thief. No truck had been stolen. There was no truck to be stolen. Nightline had never attempted to do a special on Flint. Moore made the entire incident up, gave a script to a cooperative reporter and passed it off as real.

Even worse, however, is how Moore smeared GM chairman Roger Smith. “The premise of Roger & Me," Wittig wrote, "was that Roger Smith would not talk to Michael Moore.”

In Manufacturing Dissent's big payoff, Melnyk and Caine learn that Moore actually did get two interviews with Roger Smith, in which they talked — for longer than Moore talked to Melnyk — about Flint and GM. There are videotapes, transcripts, and witnesses (whom Moore subsequently asked to deny everything). So the very founding conceit of Roger & Me, the film that launched Moore's career, is predicated on a lie.


But lying is just one of Moore’s failings. In 2006, conservative author Peter Schweizer wrote Do As I Say (Not As I Do), which detailed the many hypocrisies of the leftists who never cease caterwauling about how Americans should lead their lives.

When it comes to race, for instance, Moore is a monumental fraud. According to Schweizer, Moore has made much of the alleged “racism” that permeates American society. “[H]e talked about a trip he took to Los Angeles, being the sensitive man that he is.”

He said, “I now play a game with myself trying to clock how long it will be before I spot a black man or woman who isn’t wearing a uniform or sitting in the receptionist desk. During my last three trips to Los Angeles, the clock never stopped. The black head count was zero.

So Moore advocates “aggressive affirmative action” … for everyone but Moore. Schweizer leveled the porky provocateur with a record of his “aggressive affirmative action.” Reported Schweizer, “Starting with his first film, Roger & Me, the crew and all of that was all white.”

But let’s cut him a little bit of slack, since he was starting out in the business. He was in Flint, Michigan and these were his buddies so it must just be an aberration. There’s his second film, Pets are Meat, Return to Flint, his second documentary. That was all white as well. Canadian Bacon was his feature film. Hopefully nobody had the misfortune of seeing that film. All the senior people he hired in this case were white as well.

Then you get to TV Nation, his television series. Almost all of the senior people in this case were white. Then you had Fahrenheit 911. Again all the senior people are white, with particularly ironic about this is, two years before Fahrenheit 911 came out, Michael Moore, in Stupid White Men, said, “All minorities who are interested in working in the television and film industry should send me their résumés because I want to hire you.”

Of the 134 people Michael Moore hired between 1990 and the publication of Stupid White MenSchweizer calculated, just two, 1.5 percent, were black. That’s Moore’s definition of “aggressive affirmative action.”

A multimillionaire denouncer of his country’s economic system, Moore has also suggested that Americans who live in all-white neighborhoods are racist. At the time of Schweizer’s speech, the wealthy enclave in which Moore lived was all white.

So to the description of Moore as liar and hypocrite we can now add foul-mouthed blasphemer.

Photo: Georgetown's Healy Hall houses classrooms and the university's executive body.

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