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Does Pastor Rick Warren Have a New Religion?

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It seems like yesterday, but it was during the 2008 presidential race that John McCain and Barack Obama debated their respective worthiness to be the next U.S. president in a televised debate at a famous church in Southern California. The host was Pastor Rick Warren and the venue was his Saddleback Community Church in Orange County.

Many have wondered how Rick Warren was picked to host this important event. They weren't aware that Pastor Warren is a member of the establishment's Council on Foreign Relations, the same organization in which can be found John McCain and numerous Barack Obama appointees and advisors. Nor were many Americans apprised of the decades-old goal of the CFR to have the United States succumb to a world government long promoted by this correctly named "Seat of the Establishment." Had the CFR connection been understood, many would know in a moment why Warren and his church had been selected. They would also know how Warren's photo and a flattering cover story about him soon ended up in the CFR-friendly Time magazine.

The "Purpose Driven Pastor," as he describes himself, has recently been linked to a new religion called "Chrislam." A melding of Christianity with Islam, it calls upon adherents to participate in joint services that use both the Christian Bible and the Muslim Koran. In the recent past, Warren addressed a convention of the Islamic Society of North America where he stated in part: "We ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world." Critics claim that such a prayer denigrates Christ and elevates the core belief of Islam. In other words, Islam wins and Christianity loses. Promoters of Chrislam insist that they are following the Christian message of "Love thy neighbor," something they claim can't be done if one doesn't know anything about his neighbor or his beliefs.

Warren had also been tapped to deliver a prayer at the 2009 inauguration of President Obama. In his remarks, he referred to Christ as "Isa," a Muslim name for Jesus. Few caught the significance of the use of that unusual name. Muslims surely did. Yet, Warren adamantly denies being a promoter of Chrislam.

Scores of churches throughout America have held Chrislam services where Bibles and Korans were passed out to attendees, some of whom are Christians and others followers of Islam. Not to be outdone, several synagogues are also participating in this new form of ecumenism where the Koran is given equal status to the Torah. One listing names 70 houses of worship, from Alaska to Florida, where Chrislam has been introduced.

This new religion emerged from Nigeria and neighboring African nations less than 10 years ago. Conflicts between Muslims and Christians have seen many thousands of Christians murdered, some while in their churches. Something had to be done to stem the bloodletting. But generally speaking, the effort has been a failure as far as the African Christians are concerned. The killing hasn't stopped.

Here in America, Islamists are only too happy to recall George W. Bush's contention in the wake of 9/11 that Christians, Jews and Muslims "all worship the same God." Others who have read significant parts of the various holy books believe that to be a huge falsehood. Meanwhile Chrislam is helping to weave Islam into the fabric of America.

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