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Movieguide’s Robert Baehr: “Passionate About Faith in Jesus Christ” (Video)

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During a recent visit to the headquarters of Movieguide, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, to interview Movieguide founder, Dr. Ted Baehr, I took advantage of the opportunity to interview members of the organization’s staff who also happen to be members of the Baehr family. (See interview with Evy Baehr here.)

As chief operating officer of Movieguide, Robert “Robby” Baehr does most of his work behind the scenes and behind the camera, while his father and sister Evy are out front providing a public face and public voice. Robby has combined his computer and marketing skills with his savvy knowledge of the entertainment industry and popular culture to propel Movieguide to a greatly increased presence on the Internet as well as in the global broadcast media.

Movieguide is best known for its film reviews that millions of consumers — particularly Christians, and especially parents — rely on as a guide to the movies. It began as a print magazine, but has grown dramatically into a globe-spanning, multimedia powerhouse that exercises a considerable, positive influence on the film and entertainment industry.

As the organization’s website notes:

Movieguide is more than just a magazine; it’s also a two-minute TV show, a two-minute and five-minute radio show, and an Internet resource available around the world and broadcast, cablecast and satellite-cast in more than 200 countries and territories.

“I am very passionate about faith in Jesus Christ, and I want to be able to help a world that is hurting and broken to be able to know that,” Robby said in his interview with The New American. “And I see that some of the avenues to really effect change in culture are entertainment and education.”

“I’ve been blessed,” he notes, “to be able to grow up in a family that has been in Hollywood for multiple generations. My grandfather was a famous actor back in the 1930s.... My grandmother was in the first talking picture, actually, an MGM movie star. My father made movies and started the organization I work for now.”

“It’s great to be in an industry that I’ve been able to grow up in and to be able to make an impact," Robby says. "I love this industry and I also am passionate about a world that needs the Good News.”

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