Tuesday, 15 April 2014

East Texas School District Opts to Keep Transvestite Teacher

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A man who dresses and behaves as a woman will be allowed to keep his job as a substitute teacher in a Texas school district. The 52-year-old transvestite, whose name is Kurt but who goes by Laura Jane Klug, was subbing in the school district of Lumberton in East Texas when children began to talk about him to their parents, according to KFDM-TV in nearby Port Arthur. Ultimately, Klug was suspended from his teaching duties until the district could sort out the situation and get feedback from parents and the community.

Parents in the district quickly took to Facebook to express their concern for Klug's presence in the fifth-grade class, with many parents insisting they didn't want their impressionable kids interacting with a transvestite individual as a teacher. World Net Daily quoted one mother as saying that students in Klug's classes “spent more time staring at him” than they did taking a test, which prompted school officials to pull Klug from that class.

Another parent told KFDM-TV that if Klug's appearance and behavior affects “my child and his ability to learn, or if it causes questions that I don’t feel are appropriate, then undoubtedly there’s an issue with having somebody transgender, transsexual, or transvestite, to be teaching that age group.”

One parent wrote on Facebook that she was forced “to explain to my daughter what transgender was last Thursday afternoon because it was her home room class he was in. I was none too happy to venture down that road with my 11 year old.”

Because as a substitute teacher Klug is not under contract with the district, school officials could simply have stopped calling him as a sub. Instead, however, district officials allowed a public hearing on the matter, during which a dozen supporters of Klug spoke for some 30 minutes in favor of the transvestite keeping his job. “Crowds of people, many of whom wore purple shirts or even purple hair dye, spilled into the hallways of the Lumberton administration building after coming out to support Laura Klug,” reported the Beaumont Enterprise newspaper.

The Enterprise reported that following the comments, district officials opted to keep Klug on the sub roles.

World Net Daily noted that Lumberton is the same school district where, as part of a social studies curriculum last year, students were forced to wear Muslim burqas and reevaluate their opinions about Islam. The online news site recalled that according to Lumberton students in the class, the goal “was to teach about the life of women in Islam. The burqa exercise focused on fashion and did not include the fact that in many Muslim communities, women who appear in public without a burqa face covering are beaten, imprisoned, or murdered by family members, vigilante groups, or even the state. At the end of class, the students were assigned to write a paper about Egypt. According to one student, they were instructed to discuss 'how Egypt was a good country until democracy took over, and that things were finally corrected when the Muslim Brotherhood came into power.'”

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