Friday, 12 May 2017

Canadians Gather for 20th Annual Pro-Life March

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On May 11 pro-life Canadians observed the 20th anniversary of the nation's March for Life, an event that began in 1998 with a mere 700 individuals meeting in Ottawa, the nation's capital, to take a stand against Canada's liberal abortion laws.

This year tens of thousands of individuals convened in Canada's capital city to “demand social justice for the more than 100,000 children who are killed in their mother’s womb each year across Canada,” according to Canada's March for Life website. “Abortion is fully funded by taxpayers for any reason or no reason at all, right up to the moment of birth,” explained the pro-life organization.

The event brought pro-life Members of Parliament, religious leaders, and others to speak from the steps of Parliament Hill on the need to stand in defense of the unborn. “Human beings have human rights,” Conservative Alberta MP Arnold Viersen told the assembled crowd, which observers estimated to be nearly as large as the 25,000 who met for the 2016 march. “Human rights begin when the human being begins. Science tells us when the human being begins: human beings begin at conception. Therefore we must defend the human rights of all human beings.”

Another conservative MP, Manitoba's Ted Falk, noted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's liberal government thinks that the abortion issue “is settled,” and that those who value the lives of the unborn “should go away. Well, Mr. Prime Minister, look out of your window, look down here. We will not go away. We will fight back against the attempts to silence us, we will keep this conversation alive, we will show that all life is inherently valuable … from conception until natural death, and we will do so in an honest and compassionate way.”

Trudeau, who identifies as Catholic, has made broadening abortion across Canada a major plank of his platform. In May 2016 he overturned a policy from the previous Conservative government forbidding foreign aid money from being used to fund abortions overseas. And in March of this year he pledged $650 million to help women in “developing countries” have increased access to abortion under the guise of closing “gaps in sexual and reproductive health” and helping women gain “legal control over their bodies and reproductive health.”

Earlier this year Prince Edward Island ended its 35-year ban on abortion — the last provincial holdout against the murderous procedure, and, reported, the prime minister played a major role in the change. “During his 2015 federal election campaign, Trudeau made it clear that should he win the election he would pressure the province to begin offering abortion services,” reported the pro-life news site. “He personally lent his political clout to help reelect PEI’s pro-abortion Liberal leader Wade MacLauchlan in 2015, whom he said would 'make sure' that abortion came to the island.”


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