Sunday, 11 June 2017

Fragile Feminists Denounce Wonder Woman, Praise Hillary & Kathy

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From FreedomProject Media:

Even if it accomplishes nothing else, the age of Trump has already provided one enduring boon to mankind: it exposed the fainting-couch fragility of today’s would-be tough girl modern feminists.

Hillary Clinton’s epic meltdown aside — think Margaret Hamilton’s wicked witch evaporation, without the fashion sense or the soothing cackle — there are many other feminist “fails” in the news, including the craven ISIS-fetish exploits of Kathy Griffin, the tone-deaf stylings of aborto-ghoul Cecile Richards, the eye-rolling and self- contradictory babblings of the biddies on The View, and the cringe-worth reactions of butt-hurt feministas to the new Wonder Woman movie.

Hillary Clinton — arguably the most powerful and privileged woman in US history — continues her “blame everyone else” tour, sinking to depths of denial unfathomable to modern sonar. And behind it all is that old chestnut: misogyny. Many millions of men voted for her, many hundreds of thousands supported her campaign with money or time, and many thousands hosted events for her, wrote and stumped on her behalf, and stuffed full her already overflowing coffers. But she lost, so it must be misogyny. This venal petulance emanating from a former lawyer, a former First Lady, a former Senator, and a former Secretary of State exposes the two false pillars of modern feminism: entitlement and weakness.

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Photo showing Wonder Woman movie poster: AP Images

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