Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Environmental Extremists: The World Will End!

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Those who fancy that man is God make many assumptions about human "divinity." Yet man is little closer to predicting the course of volcanoes than when Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. How successful is cloud-seeding to end devastating droughts? Could the President have told the nation that the levees along the Mississippi were going to break? No. The greatest computers used by the most sophisticated minds in the world cannot predict exactly what the weather will be like on July 4, 2012. The earth has experienced cycles of temperature change since the dawn of time, as variables such as solar sunspots affect the different levels of energy that reach our planet.

Why, then, do politicians and scientific engineers persist in demanding that housewives use new CFL light bulbs, that California generate much of its power from wind turbines and other "green" energy sources, and that the nation rather deliberately lower its standard of living? These radical environmentalist “experts” are simply high priests of a false religion — and false religions demand sacrifices. The pantheon of these clay deities cannot predict when the San Andreas Fault will shift or when a tidal wave will swamp Sri Lanka, but they can tell Americans what driving with unleaded will do.

Scientists also nonchalantly remind us that they cannot even tell when an asteroid will strike our planet and destroy all human life on earth — except, of course, that there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, including offering prayers to these false new gods. It may even happen soon. No act of Congress, no federal regulatory agency, no United Nations, no mass demonstrations in the state — nothing we could do, except, of course, pray to our blessed Creator, could do anything to prevent an asteroid or meteor from ending all human life on our planet. Scientists talk about how to "save" us, but concede that all their plans are long shots.

Would a giant asteroid colliding with the earth bring “global warming?” Would it be “global cooling”? Although cosmologists have different opinions, no one's theory has yet been tested. One thing is certain, however. This rare earth, this planet uniquely suited for human existence, would be gone. Our histories, our causes, our grand plans for the future — all would end, rather suddenly and with nothing good to show for it.

Will the earth come to an end? Cosmologists, regardless of their theories, generally agree that it will. Either the universe will grow to a certain size and then implode, with every sentient creature and the works they strove to create permanently destroyed, or it will expand until there is a “heat death,” in which the Second Law of Thermodynamics also ends all life and everything created by man.

C.S. Lewis, the great Christian apologist, once wrote of his horror at realizing, in an instant, that every moral shortcut, every lie, every innocent man or woman tortured in the vile chambers of Russia's Lubyanka prison, every monstrous evil committed in pursuit of some supposed higher end was, in fact, for nothing at all. All evils done against God’s will could never produce anything but evil itself. A grim reminder of what science tells us today: We can further Hell here, on our own, but we can never further Heaven without obedience to God.

Illustration: Is extreme environmentalism a new shamanism? (Nez Perce medicine man, 1832 by George Catlin, Smithsonian American Art Museum.)

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