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LGBT-Seeking Detectives Find Many On Network TV

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Professional homosexual activists undoubtedly broke out the pink champagne recently when their television analysts finally finished the “Network Responsibility Index” for 2010-2011.

The NRI, published by GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, measures how many "LGBT" (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual) characters the television networks can push into prime-time television programs to brainwash viewers into thinking that sexual identity disorders are perfectly normal. (In 1952, when the American Psychiatric Association published its first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, homosexuality was included as a disorder.)

GLAAD was glad about the results. A plenitude of the sexually disordered are appearing before the cameras. Some networks increased the number of deviant characters. But alas, not all is well among the gay community. Other networks dropped the number, which left the gay agenda activists at GLAAD redder than Boy George’s (pictured) bottomless pot of rouge.


GLAAD creates two categories of hospitality to homosexuals; one for cable networks, the other for broadcast. Of television’s 4574.5 hours of prime-time programming, GLAAD’s LGBT counters analyzed 1382.5 hours, an eye-glazing 30 percent.

Sadly enough, the top cable network when it comes to putting the gay crowd front and center is ABC Family. Fifty-five percent of the network’s prime programming, which targets teeangers particularly susceptible to images on the boob tube, contains what GLAAD calls “LGBT impressions.” That means the programs feature a homo, lesbian, switch-hitter, transvestite, or “trans-gendered” person.

Such was ABC “Family’s” commitment to proselytizing perversion that GLAAD gave the network a rating of “excellent.”

Of the 10 cable networks evaluated, ABC Family posted the largest increase (+18%) and ranked highest for LGBT-inclusive original content. Out of 103 total hours of original primetime programming, 56.5 (55%) hours included LGBT impressions. This year, ABC Family becomes the second network, cable or broadcast, to receive an “Excellent” rating in this report due to the quality and diversity of its many LGBT impressions.

Showtime was second with 37 percent and TNT third with 33 percent. Thirty-one percent of HBO’s programming features a pervert. AMC scored 29 percent. TBS brought up the rear with 9 percent.

As for the broadcast networks, The CW came in first with 33 of programs featuring a blatant homosexual or some other character involved in an "alternative lifestyle." Fox, that bastion of “conservative” news programming, came in second with 29 percent, but then again Fox’s programming has always been a little off color. “Married with Children” is just one example of the prurient fare that Rupert Murdoch spewed into the American living room. However, the neocons who appear on his news programs to pound the drums for war in the Middle East didn't seem to have a problem with such suggestive programming.

Anyhow, ABC came in third with 23 percent, NBC fourth with 15 percent and CBS on the bottom with 10 percent.

Nine networks, including NBC, CBS and ABC Family, increased their coverage. Four of them, including CBS, Fox and TNT, decreased it.

Racial Bias

Yet GLAAD doesn’t just measure the number of homosexuals on television. It studies the complexion of "LGBTs," and that doesn't mean whether they wear Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden face powder. Rather, GLAAD's deviant detectives check for the network’s commitment to racial and sexual "diversity" within the homosexual world. How many lesbians versus homosexuals? GLAAD can tell you. How many black versus white homosexuals? GLAAD is on the job. Such is the group’s taxonomy they even measure how many Asian and Pacific Islanders disport themselves on the gay side of the stage.

Thus, GLAAD reports, “NBC led the broadcast networks in overall racial diversity of its LGBT impressions. While a total of 65% of the 1584 total LGBT impressions on the broadcast networks were white characters, only 38% of the 227 impressions on NBC were white.”

Conversely, 36% of NBC’s impressions were from Latino characters thanks largely to Oscar Nunez on The Office, and 23% were Asian-Pacific Islander (API) because of Dr. George Huang on Law & Order: SVU. However, only 3% of impressions on NBC were black/African American.

ABC was the greatest offender in this category. “Despite having the greatest overall number of LGBT-inclusive programming hours, ABC featured the least racial diversity among those impressions: 85% of ABC’s 479 LGBT impressions were white characters.” Who knew that ABC was biased in favor of white homosexuals?

Even more amusing than this, however, is GLAAD’s detailed look at the APIs.

The Asian/Pacific Islander LGBT community was somewhat better represented this past season compared to last thanks largely to the identification of Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife as bisexual. Kalinda received a number of major storylines and gave CBS the highest percentage of API representation (30%) on the broadcast networks. On the other hand, despite being upgraded to regular character status, Dr. Huang remained a relatively minor character who didn’t appear in every episode of Law & Order: SVU, and Angela’s bisexuality was underplayed yet again this past season on Bones. API characters made up 11% of the
LGBT impressions on the broadcast networks.

Unsurprisingly, the networks are biased in favor of homosexual men. “As they have every year that the NRI has been conducted, gay males made up the bulk of the LGBT impressions on broadcast television. On average, three out of four (73%) LGBT inclusive hours contained gay male impressions.”

The upshot? Television's homosexual world is as evil as its heterosexual counterpart, by liberal affirmative action standards. White men are on top!

Why Measure The ‘Gayness’ Of Television?

One might wonder why GLAAD pays someone to sit in housecoats and curlers (or pastel sweats) to watch nearly 1,400 hours of mind-numbing television. Because GLAAD knows that the more such characters show up, the more the public will be brainwashed into accepting them as “normal.”

GLAAD has seen time and again how images of multi-dimensional gay and transgender people on television have the power to change public perceptions. The Pulse of Equality Survey, commissioned by GLAAD and conducted by Harris Interactive, confirmed a growing trend toward greater acceptance among the American public. Of the 19% who reported that their feelings toward gay and lesbian people have become more favorable over the past 5 years, 34% cited “seeing gay or lesbian characters on television” as a contributing factor.

This depends, of course, on redefining “normal” to include sodomy and other revolting homosexual practices.

GLAAD also offers advice on how the networks can improve: More homos on TV.

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