Many commentators draw a direct equivalence between a group of Christians recently kicked out of a coffee shop and other Christians' refusal to bake cakes for "same-sex weddings." But they miss an important distinction. 

While generous Americans have been offering money, supplies, and time to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, pro-abortion advocates are using Harvey to push their agenda.

The governor of Texas has signed legislation placing stiff restrictions on insurance for abortions in the state.




Haiti's Senate has passed a measure that would ban same-sex marriage, as well as “public demonstration of support” for homosexuality.

The mayor of Henderson County, Tennessee, is standing firm against efforts by the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation to force the removal of a scripture verse from the county's courthouse.

New research from Europe appears to show that individuals with religious faith are more tolerant and open-minded than their atheist and skeptical counterparts.

Even if it accomplishes nothing else, the age of Trump has already provided one enduring boon to mankind: it exposed the fainting-couch fragility of today’s would-be tough girl modern feminists.

It's "discrimination" when a Michigan farmer won't rent out his orchid for gay weddings, but it's not "discrimination" when Ben and Jerry’s won't serve customers two scoops of the same flavor ice cream in Australia until gay marriage is legalized there.

Taxpayer-funded libraries from New York and Florida to California are paying grown men to dress up as women and promote gender confusion, homosexuality, homosexual “marriage,” and cross-dressing to children as young as 3-years old.

An editorial in the Los Angeles Times criticized California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s decision to file 15 felony charges against pro-life activist David Daleiden.

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