New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is under fire from the LGBT lobby and its media allies for recording a video for Focus on the Family that encourages kids to take their Bibles to school on a particular day.

A priest has ordered the removal of “Harry Potter” books from the library of a Nashville Catholic school because of their positive portrayal of witchcraft.

About a thousand representatives of world religions and other organizations gathered in Germany in late August to promote the United Nations’ “masterplan for humanity” known as Agenda 2030.

Satanic invocations, pentagrams, and “Festivus” poles at Christmastime — and now the fourth annual “Pagan Pride Day” in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That’s life in fractured, confused, post-Christian America where, with people awash in relativism and driven by emotion, there soon may be as many “faiths” as feelings.

Democrats’ staggering hypocrisy was on full display following another mass shooting in West Texas on Saturday.

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