The High Court has agreed to hear the case of a cross-shaped memorial erected nearly a century ago to honor soldiers killed in WWI.

A new Pew religion study finds that an large number of U.S. Christians also embrace New Age tenets.

Children generally can tell the difference between boys and girls by age three — then, apparently, some grow up, get a Ph.D., and are confused about it by age 30.

The upcoming controversial movie Roe v. Wade is projected to open in theaters the winter of 2019. The feature-length movie, produced by actor and producer Nick Loeb, is the true account of the infamous 1973 Supreme Court case that overturned states’ rights, legalizing abortion throughout the country and altering the course of the nation.

In a move that should surpise precisely no one, rapper Kanye West is recanting his recent political involvement with President Trump and Candace Owens, the originator of the Blexit movement.

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