Fury over the Ground Zero mosque in New York prompted ladies of The View to walk off stage on Thursday, October 14, after their guest, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, made remarks about the mosque that sparked a heated argument.

According to a story by Brian Montopoli of CBS News, it would seem that America has little to fear from the brutality of Islamic Sharia law; no, the danger is posed by conservative constitutionalists who are concerned by the efforts of Muslims to impose their religion on the 99 percent of Americans who do not share their religion. Montopoli begins his scree with the declaration:

When will sincere Christians (or American patriots of any religious persuasion) learn that the deck is stacked against them and play to win? It has happened again: A textbook case on how professional agitators take down a legitimate institution.

The original American Progressive movement spanned from approximately 1890 to 1920. It began as a movement to bring about social and political reform, and the alleged intentions of the Progressives were to combat corruption. Ironically, the same movement became corrupted by its motives to undermine American values and bring about “social justice,” a code term for Marxism.

The ongoing controversy over the Shroud of Turin has taken an interesting new turn, with a researcher claiming to have found text concealed in the shroud that would place its origins in the first century A.D.

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