Twelve and 13-year-old students in West Virginia were ordered by a government-school teacher to declare their submission to Allah, the Islamic God, as part of the Muslim declaration of faith known as the shahada. The assignment sparked outrage among parents, and comes amid similar scandals nationwide.

As the pontiff prepares to meet with big oil executives to discuss so-called climate change, traditional Catholics must wonder what to think of Pope Francis and his social-justice warrior, Earth-worshipping ways.

America's generosity too often goes unnoticed or appreciated, but when science teacher Jason Seaman, who teaches science at Noblesville West Middle School near Indianapolis, was shot protecting his students from a middle-schooler with two guns, people came together to pay his medical bills.



The Southern Baptist Convention has severed ties with its D.C. counterpart over the acceptance of homosexual clergy.

A group of atheist women in Arkansas are demanding the removal of a Decalogue display gracing their State Capitol.

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