This year's National Day of Prayer included a call to repentance, along with a challenge to the "abortion president" by pro-family leader James Dobson.

An abortion rights group claims that it has persuaded Google to drop some online ads for pro-life services.

The U.S. Army will defy a secularist group's attempts to block its participation in the Washington, D.C., National Day of Prayer on May 1.

In an interview with the British Sunday Telegraph on April 27, the former archbishop of Canterbury said that Britain is no longer a country of believers but rather has entered a post-Christian era.

However, in the interview, Lord Williams of Oystermouth (aka, Rowan Douglas Williams) — who stood down as archbishop of Canterbury at the end of 2012 and became master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University in January 2013 — conceded that Britain’s “cultural memory” was “quite strongly Christian.”




An Oregon county waste incineration facility has abruptly halted the practice of using aborted babies as fuel to generate electricity for the state's residents.

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