The mayor of Henderson County, Tennessee, is standing firm against efforts by the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation to force the removal of a scripture verse from the county's courthouse.

A Wisconsin judge has ruled that a Christian photographer cannot be forced to compromise her religious beliefs as required by city and state anti-discrimination ordinances.

The Navy is touting its very first "gender neutral" aircraft carrier, and in the process Navy brass are ignoring a serious and ongoing problem that comes with women on ships.

Predictably, some secular media sources have taken a DNA study, and attempted to argue it somehow disproves or contradicts the biblical account. It doesn't.

The infamous “swamp” and its “fake news” media organs were foaming at the mouth after President Donald Trump's Monday speech at the National Scout Jamboree. From fury over Trump's defense of “Merry Christmas,” to manufactured outrage about the president's alleged politicking in front of children, the establishment press was in full meltdown mode as anti-Trump hysteria masquerading as “news” flooded the wires. No doubt the swipe against ObamaCare or the half a dozen references to God annoyed the press, too. Perhaps what most infuriated the swamp and its increasingly discredited “mainstream” media, though, were Trump's repeated jabs at their never-ending stream of “fake news” and “fake polls.”

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