An Alabama sheriff is ignoring the “request” of a national atheist group to stop encouraging residents of his county to pray.

If a civilization may be judged by what it puts in the closet, speaking volumes in today’s America is that Christianity is being closeted — often by Christians.

A pastor in England is suing his local public school after he was driven from his job as the school’s caretaker for urging Christians not to participate in LGBT Pride events.

The pontiff compared Donald Trump to the biblical king who tried to kill the newborn Jesus, taking issue with the president's call for a wall.

With “transitioning” in today, the Church of Sweden has joined the “gay” fray and is busy transitioning into a thoroughly “modern” institution. The latest example is how a Malmo church has just unveiled a new altarpiece: a painting titled Paradise that recasts Adam and Eve as two same-sex couples — tempted by a MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status or “transgender”) serpent.

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