The Left has been working to transform the Southern Baptist Convention into yet another liberal bastion, but now there are those within the nation's largest Protestant denomination determined to stop it.

VIDEO - Southern Baptist evangelist Thomas Littleton of Alabama joins The New American magazine's Alex Newman to discuss the "Evangelical Deep State." Among other topics, they talk about how false doctrines and dangerous heresies--especially on homosexuality and transgenderism (LGBT), as well as Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Cultural Marxism--are infiltrating even conservative evangelical churches in America. Part of it is funding from Deep State globalists hostile to the church and the Bible, and part of it is a lack of discernment among pastors and Christian leaders. Alex and Tom discuss the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church, and others. Tom names Albert Mohler as one of the key figures facilitating this.

Trump's apologies for the problems he has caused others reveal the faithful side of the man.

In an address on Wednesday, Pope Francis made a call for worldwide wealth redistribution in order solve the problem of global poverty and referred to tax cuts as a “structure of sin.”

“Let all the babies be born. Then let us drown those we do not like,” remarked G.K. Chesterton in 1932. That certainly would bring home the reality of abortion. Yet that many would rather drown it out is no doubt a major reason why FOX Sports, after giving a pro-life organization a six-month run-around, wouldn’t air its Super Bowl advertisement.

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