It is easy to forget, in our hyper-commercialized, secularized, paganized world, that the real basis for our celebration of  “Happy Holidays” is two Christian “Holy Days”: Christmas and Epiphany, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His revelation to the Gentiles.

An overwhelming number of evangelical Christian leaders and notables have signed an open letter opposing a Christianity Today editorial calling for President Trump to be removed from office.

Christianity Today has gotten significant push-back from evangelical leaders at odds with the magazine’s insistence that President Trump should be removed from office.

A school in London has taken to changing the lyrics to the Christian Christmas song Away in a Manger to secularize the song and increase its inclusivity.

A Brazilian man who has adopted 42 disabled children, many of them survivors of botched abortions, over the past 30 years is urging countries not to allow abortion.

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