Draw me up a son who’ll be 6’4”, built like Michelangelo’s David, drop-dead handsome, athletic as all get-out, with multiple talents and a 185 I.Q. — and here’s my check. While we’re not yet at this point, what some are calling “designer babies” are already a reality, though that quoted term here is a euphemism.

In fear of the turning tide in the political atmosphere, leading abortion organization Planned Parenthood is preparing for an overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Some youthful auditors attending the Vatican synod on young people, the faith, and vocational discernment want its final document to be “welcoming” to LGBT Catholics.

An Alabama justice has issued a bold challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn its murderous Roe v. Wade decision.

A couple who make Christian-themed films are suing the state of Minnesota over a law requirng them to film same-sex “weddings” against their religious convictions.

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