The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the atheist group that has carved out a niche in the legal game by suing school districts and municipalities for supposedly violating the First Amendment, has turned its harassment on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for giving churches and religious organizations “preferential treatment” in filing for and maintaining their tax-exempt privileges.

A state judge has ruled that Texas can move ahead with defunding Planned Parenthood as the abortion giant's lawsuit against the state moves ahead.

The owners of Hobby Lobby have decided that they will defy the Obama administration's contraception mandate, and face the potential consequences.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has rejected a request by Christian retailer Hobby Lobby to block implementation of the contraception mandate, scheduled to kick in at the beginning of the year.

Americans engaged in the Culture War should not allow themselves to be discouraged by the attacks on their beliefs and religious liberty. Instead, Dr. Duke Pesta explains in this short video presentation, they should take encouragement in the fact that the early Christians, despite being subjected to far worse attacks including being put to death by Roman tyrants, not only grew in numbers but eventually became the dominant force shaping Western Civilization.

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