A homosexual couple is suing a New Mexico preschool for rejecting their son as as student because of the couple's lifestyle.

VIDEO - Americans engaged in today's Culture War should take encouragement in the fact that the early Christians, despite being persecuted by Roman tyrants, not only grew in numbers but eventually became the dominate force shaping Western Civilization while the Roman empire ceased to exist.

A New Jersey teacher is facing suspension after he gave a Bible to a student who wanted to know more about a scripture verse.

An atheist group has succeeded in forcing the Navy to scrap an annual live nativity presentation at a naval base in Bahrain. The group, identifying itself as the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, sent a letter to the inspector general complaining that the Christmas display violated the Constitution's supposed separation of church and state.

Under the Obama administration, while it is still acceptable to go to church and profess to be Christian, it is definitely not OK to live your faith in any public venue.

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