Sadly, far too many Twitter users continue to believe and propagate the completely false narrative of the original story about Catholic kids from Covington maligning an Indian — and those believers continue to show their bias and their hate.  

Utah abortionist Leah Torres has charged the Almighty with performing more of the murderous procedures than she does.

In spite of the government shutdown with many empty facilities and streets around D.C., the National Mall was filled Friday with marchers for the nation’s largest pro-life rally. Every year the March For Life makes an impact on D.C., and the world at large, as people from all over the world travel to support our greatest human right, the right to life. This 46th year was no exception, as an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 people rallied to the theme, “Unique From Day One, Pro-Life is Pro-Science.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is demanding that his state’s legislature pass a bill that would facilitate abortions at all stages of pregnancy.

Almost a quarter of a billion Christians worldwide face serious persecution, according to a new report issued by the Open Doors organization.

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