In a move that should surpise precisely no one, rapper Kanye West is recanting his recent political involvement with President Trump and Candace Owens, the originator of the Blexit movement.

Pittsburgh's City Council has demanded that Chick-fil-A be dumped as a sponsor of the community’s annual Three Rivers Marathon.

Claiming it to be some sort of Halloween stunt, the New York Times goes especially low by publishing a fictional account of how President Trump gets assassinated.

 Much of the political rage that passes for “craziness” today is not merely the result of psychological disorder, but also of spiritual disorder.

Draw me up a son who’ll be 6’4”, built like Michelangelo’s David, drop-dead handsome, athletic as all get-out, with multiple talents and a 185 I.Q. — and here’s my check. While we’re not yet at this point, what some are calling “designer babies” are already a reality, though that quoted term here is a euphemism.

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