VIDEO - In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the Deep State's efforts on the "religion" side of the New World Order equation. Under the guise of "Religions for Peace," key globalists are uniting the world's religious organizations behind globalism, the United Nations, UN Agenda 2030, and global indoctrination masquerading as education, and so much more. The Bible clearly condemns this, and yet many self-proclaimed Christian leaders are involved. What's going on here? Watch the video to learn more.

Under the guise of combating “discrimination,” a rogue government body in Virginia is brazenly persecuting and discriminating against a Christian real-estate agent. Her supposed crime: using the phrase “Jesus love you” in her e-mail signature and featuring the John 3:16 Bible verse on her website. Seriously. But now, the prominent Christian legal organization American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is coming to her aid, warning that anti-Christian discrimination cannot be tolerated in America.

Texas residents have filed a lawsuit against the city of San Antonio for its decision to ban Chick-fil-A from opening a shop in the local airport, arguing that the ban was motivated by the company's religious beliefs.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is under fire from the LGBT lobby and its media allies for recording a video for Focus on the Family that encourages kids to take their Bibles to school on a particular day.

A priest has ordered the removal of “Harry Potter” books from the library of a Nashville Catholic school because of their positive portrayal of witchcraft.

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