A Christian group at Harvard has been placed on probation after it barred an openly homosexual individual from serving in leadership.

The recent U.S. Air Force Academy’s Character & Leadership Symposium, featuring a “military transgender couple,” Professor Cornel West, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, shows the federal government is still deeply mired in the Obama “swamp” legacy.

As usual, the event featured the self-congratulatory entertainment industry insiders taking pot-shots at political opponents and signaling all sorts of virtue. And this year, for extra fun, the honored films included one about bestiality and one about pedophilia. 


Two Texas lesbians are suing America’s Catholic bishops after they were denied as foster parents.

Vice President Mike Pence says God speaks to him and it's called mental illness. But Oprah says God will speak to her if He wants her to run for president, and liberals drool.

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