Women’s prisons — they’re not just for women anymore. This is the real message now that a court has ruled that a man claiming womanhood must be moved to a women’s penitentiary.

In the latest example of leftists behaving badly, a climate-change expert apparently created a very dangerous climate in his own apartment: He allegedly attacked his fiancée, leaving her fearing for her life.

A liberal journalist’s complaints appear to have prompted YouTube to remove pro-life videos from its top choices under the search term “abortion.”

It is easy to forget, in our hyper-commercialized, secularized, paganized world, that the real basis for our celebration of  “Happy Holidays” is two Christian “Holy Days”: Christmas and Epiphany, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His revelation to the Gentiles.

Pro-abortion leftists on the court are particularly hostile to Catholic nominees. The occasion of the latest smear was the Democrats’ questionnaire sent to Brian Buescher, whom President Trump picked to serve on the on the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska.

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