Ohio is the latest state to ban abortion based on a pre-natal Down syndrome diagnosis.

It is easy to forget, in our hyper-commercialized, secularized, paganized world, that the real basis for our celebration of  “Happy Holidays” is two Christian “Holy Days”: Christmas and Epiphany, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His revelation to the Gentiles.

India was responsible for an estimated 15.6 million abortions in 2015, putting it close to China's record in the number of pre-born baby killings.

A Pew survey confirms what many suspected: Christmas in America is growing more secular.

A Syrian immigrant converted to Christianity in Tulsa, but when he went back to Syria, he found out that some of his relatives disagreed with his decision to leave Islam and tortured him, so he blamed the church where he was baptized for making his baptism public.

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