An Oregon court has ruled that Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein must pay $135,000 in fines for declining to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake.

Illinois law will expand abortion coverage through Medicaid and state employee health insurance, increasing abortion deaths by tens of thousand.

The World Health Organization has declared that excessive video game playing can now be classified as a mental illness, but transgenderism is expected to be declassified as a mental disorder in 2018, despite the lack of scientific evidence in support of either move.These dangerous classifications could pave the way for diagnosing video game playing as a disease to be treated with pharmaceuticals while individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria will continue to go untreated and obtain sex reassignment procedures that only serve to further exacerbate the problem.

In 2013, federal law enforcement officials made a gruesome discovery in a Detroit warehouse, newly revealed photographs show. Agents found four “fetuses” — that is, dead preborn babies — in the warehouse that belonged to a man who sold human body parts.

Ohio is the latest state to ban abortion based on a pre-natal Down syndrome diagnosis.

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