President Donald Trump sparked an outpouring of support among Christians this week as he publicly celebrated Jesus Christ, the Savior's Resurrection, the Passover feast, and the key role of God in securing both human liberty as well as eternal life. The latest remarks follow a number of speeches in the United States and overseas in which the American president, who was elected thanks to overwhelming support from American evangelical Christians, has openly thanked God, celebrated the Bible, and emphasized America's undeniable Christian heritage. The contrast between Trump and former President Barack Obama, who regularly attacked and ridiculed Christians and the Bible, could not have been clearer.

The president has renewed and refined his common-sense ban on transgenders in the military.

Following an outcry from an army of senators and congressmen, the Navy has wisely rejected an atheist chaplain applicant.

A Lutheran seminary president has been fired because she once helped people leave homosexuality.

The Washington Post (of all places!) correctly notes that the toy giant’s demise can be traced to the global birth dearth, and even admits that, due to our aging population crisis, we will be seeing more similar repercussions.

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