While Western nations will generally preach “separation of church and state,” are they now combining mosque and state? Certain critics say yes, citing as a case in point Canada’s fining of a man $12,000 — for failing to remove his shoes upon entering an apartment he rented to a Muslim couple.

Oregon already had the nation's most liberal abortion laws, but now state officials have gone beyond their present statutes — adding taxpayer-funded abortions for illegal aliens, among other expansions.

Catholic taxpayers in Boston were forced to pay for the mocking of their own faith when a public library brought in lesbians dressed as nuns to mock the Catholic faith, along with men dressed as women to read to kids.




New research from Europe appears to show that individuals with religious faith are more tolerant and open-minded than their atheist and skeptical counterparts.

The latest Pew Research report indicates that church-going Christians continue to stand solidly behind President Trump.

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