Adolf Hitler and Timothy McVeigh are called examples of Christian monsters by ABC's morning talk show The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

A federal judge recently ruled a county's Nativity display to be unconstitutional. A study of the history of the Bill of Rights proves otherwise.

After being "Detached for Cause" following a complaint about his beliefs, Navy Chaplain Wesley “Wes” Modder has been exonerated and will continue to serve.

Another Gosnell coverup: Mainstream media ignore story of abortionist Dr. Michael Roth, who was found to have 14 containers of aborted fetuses and a large stash of drugs in his car.

Using the clout of justices who are willing to disregard both U.S. law and any semblance of fairness, homosexual advocates are trying to drive Christians into poverty.

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