The View’s Joy Behar's "joke" sums up what the secular left-wing culture thinks of Christians — they are mentally ill.

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to block an Ohio measure banning the abortions of pre-born babies with Down syndrome.

The liberal-Left is so bent on advancing the notion that transgenderism is normal that they are willing to use an FDA-unapproved drug to maintain their façade. Transgender advocates are applauding the use of domperidone on a male-to-female transgender individual to induce lactation and breastfeed his child, even though the Food and Drug Administrationhas warned against its use for safety reasons, citing concerns about its associations with cardiac arrest and sudden death.

In yet another bid by the United Nations to sexualize and indoctrinate your children at younger and younger ages, the UN Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) just unveiled a new set of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” standards for humanity. Among other controversies, the UN's planetary sex-ed scheme advocates masturbation, abortion, gender confusion, homosexuality, homosexual parenting, contraception, fornication, and more. The document, which cites abortion giant Planned Parenthood almost 20 times, represents a full-blown assault on parental rights and traditional morality that critics say could devastate a generation of young people. But the UN wants it to be mandatory for every child on the planet, starting at age five.

Bermuda has become the first nation to pass, and then rescind the legalization of same-sex marriage.

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