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After 96 Years, Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood Still Targeting Minorities

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Planned Parenthood marked its 96th anniversary on October 16, and Jim Sedlak of the American Life League noted that over the past 42 years the abortion giant has been responsible for the deaths of over six million pre-born babies, all the while collecting millions of dollars in federal funding. “In 2010, Planned Parenthood did 27 percent of all the abortions in the United States,” Sedlak pointed out. “It has ended the lives of over 6,000,000 human beings in its own facilities since 1970. And, during that same time, it collected over $6 billion in taxpayer money.

Recent research from Protecting Black Life, a project of Life Issues Institute, found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics are located in or within walking distance of black and Hispanic communities. “Minority communities are the number one targets of Planned Parenthood,” said the Rev. Arnold Culbreath, director of Protecting Black Life. “It’s no wonder abortion remains the leading cause of death among African-Americans, higher than all other causes combined. Getting this information to as many people as possible is not only critical, it’s a matter of life and death for countless babies and oft times even their mothers.”

Sedlak recalled that when Sanger opened Planned Parenthood's first “birth control” clinic in New York City on October 16, 1916, she promoted uninhibited sexual activity, worked to trim back large families, and promoted aggressive birth control and sterilization of those within society's “dysgenic groups” — which included certain racal and ethnic minorities. Sedlak said that “for 96 years, Planned Parenthood has been actively spreading these philosophies.”

While the abortion giant no longer makes public the demographic makeup of its abortion clients, in the 1990s “it revealed that 43 percent of its abortions were on blacks and other minorities — who only made up 22 percent of the population,” Sedlak said.

A National Vital Statistics report from June 2012 revealed that black women in the U.S. experience about 1.6 times more pregnancies than white women, but have five times as many abortions. Similarly, Hispanic women experience one and one-half times as many pregnancies as white women, and 2.3 times as many abortions. reported that in fiscal year 2009-2010, “Planned Parenthood’s annual report shows it earned an estimated $154 million from the 329,445 abortions performed. An estimated 40 percent of those aborted were minority babies.”

The study from Protecting Black Life/Life Issues Institute relied on 2010 Census Data Tracts to plot a map of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities near minority neighborhoods. “Census tracts are a means for measuring demographic data about a geographic area, designed to reflect homogeneous characteristics like race, income level and home values,” explained a press release from Life Issues Institute. The group's research focused “only on Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods, rather than looking at a larger geographical area, such as zip code.”

Bradley Mattes, executive director of Life Issues Institute, said the study “clearly show that Planned Parenthood continues to pursue the eugenics philosophy of its founder, Margaret Sanger, who believed that Blacks and the poor were 'unfit' to reproduce. She dedicated her life to controlling the population of these 'undesirables' by advancing birth control and sterilization in their neighborhoods.”

In the years after Planned Parenthood's founding, Mattes said, legalized abortion gave it “an effective and lucrative means for furthering this eugenics agenda. Although Planned Parenthood denies it, these maps show conclusively that they continue to target minorities for abortion.”

Much of that murderous campaign continues to be subsidized through tax dollars. As reported by, at the end of 2011, “Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) released its latest Annual Report for 2009-2010. The report indicates PPFA had a total budget of $1.04 billion and an excess of revenue over expenses of 18.5 million dollars — a net profit. The new report also reveals 46 percent of the total PPFA budget comes from taxpayer dollars in the form of government funding.”

Photo: Then-President of Planned Parenthood of New York City Alexander Sanger (grandson of Margaret Sanger — now the Chair of the International Planned Parenthood Council) center, and Dr. Richard Hausknecht conduct a news conference on drug-induced abortions in New York, Sept. 11, 1996: AP Images

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