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Baby “Deserves to Be a Choice,” Says Pro-Planned Parenthood Ad

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Finally — an honest pro-abortion ad! A YouTube video asking viewers to support Planned Parenthood does so by showing exactly what “choice” is all about: snuffing out the life of an innocent baby.

The video was posted in 2015 by the radical left-wing Agenda Project, which is best known for its infamous 2011 video depicting Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), then chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off a cliff. However, the group, which revels in its notoriety for that ad, seems to have realized it was playing with dynamite when it came to abortion and did not promote the pro-abortion ad much, keeping it off its YouTube home page and its website’s Campaigns page. The video rose to prominence only recently when Canadian pro-life activist Laura Klassen posted it on her Facebook page.

The ad, set to gentle music, consists of video of a beautiful, blue-eyed, bubbly baby girl smiling at the camera and laughing. After a few seconds, the video cuts to a black screen with the words “She deserves to be loved.” Who could argue with that?

After a few more seconds of baby video, the screen says, “She deserves to be wanted.” Again, a noble sentiment.

Then, following some more baby footage, comes the kicker: “She deserves to be a choice,” followed by “#StandWithPP.”

Whoa! Hold on there! The creators of this ad actually went from arguing that a baby deserves love to saying that she is simply a “choice,” no better or worse, apparently, than choosing Coke over Pepsi. In fact, it would appear that the choice to kill a baby is so sacred to the Agenda Project that they want people to ensure that taxpayers continue to be forced to fund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. (There do not appear to be any Agenda Project videos demanding taxpayer funding of the either the Coca-Cola Company or PepsiCo.)

“The ad basically presents the baby girl as an accessory, a beautiful thing to be had rather than a life to be loved and sacrificed for,” observed

“The message is simple. That adorable baby girl’s life is not about her or her well-being. It’s about her parent’s [sic] feelings. And if her parents feel that they do not want her at that moment in their lives, they can have her aborted in a violent, gruesome way.”

Moreover, noted the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, “What makes the message so barbaric is … that a baby’s violent murder is presented as something the baby herself deserves.” That is, if she isn’t loved or wanted, she deserves death. Most people, pro-life or pro-choice, would not condone the summary execution of individuals after they are born simply because they are not loved or wanted; indeed, they would find that suggestion thoroughly reprehensible. Why, then, should it be acceptable to kill an unloved or unwanted child — who, by the way, is loved and wanted by God and may turn out to be loved or wanted by his parents after all — before he emerges from the womb?

Still, despite the horrific message conveyed by the ad, perhaps pro-lifers should be grateful for its existence. As Walsh pointed out:

It is honest. It shows us not a “clump of cells” but a baby. It calls the baby “she,” not “it” or “that thing.” It seems almost to go out of its way to highlight the beauty and lovability of the child. It presents human life — wondrous, miraculous life — and says, “Yes, it is good to kill this person.”

This is what every pro-abortion ad says, and what ever[y] pro-abortion person believes, even if they will not be so forthright about it. We should give the Agenda Project credit for being open and honest about what they believe and support. Then we should condemn them for believing and supporting something so deranged and cruel. And we should shudder in horror when we realize that many millions of Americans agree with them.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video

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