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Watch Company Releases Rebuttal to Gillette “Toxic Masculinity” Ad; Sales Soar

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The Egard Watch Company has released a rebuttal on YouTube to Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” ad, and it celebrates men rather than criticizing them. When the company released its advertisement on YouTube, it included the following note: “It’s time for society to start celebrating each other. Not tearing each other down.” The ad went viral, and Egard is now so overwhelmed by orders that many of its products are backordered.

Egard Watch CEO Ilan Srulovicz told Fox & Friends that he was tired of the “broad brush” with which society has been painting men.

“You know, for a company like Gillette to open up a commercial with a term like ‘toxic masculinity,’ I just don’t feel like masculinity is toxic,” insists Srulovicz, adding, “I think masculinity can be beautiful.”

Egard’s advertisement underscores that theme. The advertisement features men of all varieties, most of whom are either embracing their children or bravely working in dangerous conditions.

The advertisement also cites valuable statistics that undermine allegations that men are somehow a privileged class. Men comprise 93 percent of workplace fatalities, 97 percent of war fatalities, 79 percent of homicide victims, 80 percent of suicide victims, and 75 percent of the single homeless population, the video reveals. It also notes that nearly half of fathers who are denied visitation rights to their children still financially support them.

“Is a man vulnerable? Is a man disposable?” asks the narrator.

The video ends with the narrator concluding “we see the good in men.”

Srulovicz asserts that he is frustrated with society impugning all men for the bad behaviors of a small minority.

“I, like the overwhelming majority of men, am absolutely disgusted by sexual assault, rape, bullying, so why throw it in my face as if my ‘gender’ as a whole is toxic,” Srulovicz told the Conservative Tribune. “Using terms like ‘toxic masculinity’ etc … is using too broad a stroke to address specific issues … issues which I agree, very much need to be addressed.”

Srulovicz contends that if Gillette’s intention was to make men better, the company took the wrong approach.

“If that’s really their intention, the best way to do that is to show the best of us, not the worst,” he opined.

“When I see a man risking his life running in to a burning building, it makes me want to be better. When I see a father who will stand by his kids no matter what, it makes me want to be better. When I see a soldier putting everything on the line to preserve my freedom, I want to be better.”

That's exactly why Egard’s advertisement featured those very scenarios.

Srulovicz told Fox that he decided to create the ad against the advice of his friends and employees who said that a rebuttal may be too polarizing. He simply felt obligated to do something.

“I really hope that the video gets to a point where it draws enough attention that larger companies start realizing there is a market in promoting positive messages for men,” he explains.

A quick perusal of the comments on the video proves Srulovicz’s case.

“Buying my watch RIGHT NOW!!” wrote Chiseled Adonis. “It’s about time someone supported men!”

Brenda Pate wrote, “Thank you for creating this ad! I’m proud to be a wife, a mother to my sons, the aunt of my nephew, the sister to my brothers. They are all strong, loving men and work hard for their families. They are role models to their families.”

Pandita Alchemist told Egard, “You just won yourself a customer.... I'm certainly never ever buying a Gillette product again.”

Donna Skipper wrote, “Thank you so much for your brave spirit in making this video.... I will be taking a look at this company’s website to purchase three watches, one for each of the wonderful and respectful men in my life.”

In fact, the advertisement has garnered so much support for the company that Egard’s website now has the following message on its main page:

The positive response to our message has allowed us to start donating to charities! We will be donating $10,000 USD To the Bob Woodruff Foundation this week! We hope to continue making numerous donations year round. Thank you all for giving us an opportunity to give back.

Due to the unexpected overwhelming response we are back-ordered on many units. Please bear with us. We are accepting pre-orders as we are making new inventory. The response is beyond appreciated. Every order will be fulfilled. We want to be completely transparent about the wait.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is a charity devoted to injured veterans and their families. The foundation’s webpage reads, “We invest in positive returns. Positive returns for the veterans returning to their families and communities and positive returns for every dollar donated to their long-term well being.”

Image: screenshot from YouTube video of Egard Watch ad

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