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WOMXN: The Latest LGBTQ Newspeak Aimed at Destroying Womanhood

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Transgender activists are now pushing a new term, “womxn,” as a way of further blurring the biological, cultural, and legal lines between the sexes.

“Womxn” is a successor to “womyn,” which has been used by feminists since the ‘70s. The updated term is meant to be more inclusive, as it encompasses “trans and nonbinary” women. That is, men who identify as women.

The entry for “womyn” at dictionary.com notes:

Womyn is recorded as early as 1975 during second-wave feminism. One notable early instance was the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which was held annually starting in 1976 until 2015. This was a feminist music festival only open to “womyn-born womyn,” i.e., or cisgender women. It was much criticized for its exclusion of transgender individuals, which exclusion has led to another alternative spelling of women, womxn, meant to include trans and nonbinary women in intersectional feminism.

The “womyn” music festival was eventually forced to close in 2015 after repeatedly being crashed by transgender men.

Daisy Jones, an editor at ViceUK, uses the term “womxn,” which she says “denotes gender fluidity and inclusivity.”

But the idea behind “womxn,” that there is no inherent biological basis behind masculinity or femininity, has been criticized by both conservatives and feminists.

The feminist Women’s Liberation Front, for instance, has come out in opposition to such paragons of the trans movement as men competing in women’s sports, stating of the practice:

“Inferior male athletes are finding ways to earn lots of money and fame at women's expense. Many countries reward Olympians with cash bonuses, not to mention ad revenue. Men have no place in women's sports; they are cheats, one and all.”

An anonymous woman who describes herself as a black lesbian prosecutor wrote on Twitter that “the consequences for women are extraordinary” if transgender men are treated the same as biological women, adding:

“Males will then be allowed in women’s showers, sports, dorms, prisons, rape shelters, etc. *All* our sex-based rights wld be forfeit. This is, obviously, a non-starter. We will not submit.”

The pro-homosexual LGB Alliance struck back at the new “womxn” language, arguing that its advocates aim of “expanding the definition of women” makes women’s rights “meaningless.”

The transgender movement seeks to force government, businesses, and the public in general to treat transgenders as the members of the opposite sex they claim to be.

The Obama administration pushed a rule that directed school officials to enforce “gender identity” claims of transgender children on their normal classmates without regard to children’s privacy or parents’ input. President Trump ditched the rule in February.

“If people knowing how biology works somehow invalidates your existence, then you need to seek help,” responded feminist historian Katie Parker. “Everyone is valid as a human being, forcing others to participate in a lie doesn’t increase your ‘validity’. Your worth shouldn’t rely on others to see you as something you are not.”

In some cases, the transgender movement is being used by men who wish to gain advantages they would not normally enjoy while identifying as their own sex.

There is the example from October of this year, for example, of “Rachel” McKinnon, a male philosophy professor and cyclist from Canada who identifies as a woman and was thus allowed to not only compete, but place first at the UCI Women’s Master Track Championship in Manchester.

There is also the case of transgender men who, because they identify as women, expect lesbians to sleep with them. The reluctance of many lesbians to sleep with trans “women” who have male genitalia has sparked outrage from the most extreme social justice warriors.

“At the end of the day, if your reason for not dating any transgender person is because of their trans-status, that doesn’t mean you’re not transphobic — because you are,” said a transgender activist in a video.

The convolutedness of the gender fluidity ideology has culminated in stupefying cases like the recent news of a trans “man” with a “non-binary” partner who gave birth to a baby using a “female” sperm donor.”

39-year-old Reuben Sharpe began living as a man 12 years ago. Sharpe’s partner, a biological female named Jay, identifies as “non-binary” and has had a double mastectomy. The UK couple were assisted in their child-bearing efforts by a trans doctor.

Sohram Ahmari, a conservative editor of the New York Post, only had so many words to offer on the story.

Luis Miguel is a writer whose journalistic endeavors shed light on the Deep State, the immigration crisis, and the enemies of freedom. Follow his exploits on FacebookTwitterBitchute, and at luisantoniomiguel.com.

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