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Obama's Proclamation of Gay Pride Month

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gay prideForgive us for being a bit late in reporting this, but this entire month has been dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. So dedicated by whom, you ask? Why, by the president of the United States in an official White House proclamation. June is officially "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month" in America. How you observe or even celebrate it is up to you, even though this sort of thing was still against the law not too many years ago.

It is still against natural law, but how many lobbyists does natural law have? President Bill Clinton may have practiced sexual perversion in the White House, depending on the meaning of “perversion” and “practice,” “sex,” and even “is.” But it has taken Barack Obama to officially celebrate it.

Where will this end? Shall there by a Necrophilia Pride Month? A Misogynist Pride Month? A Bestiality Pride Month? An Incest Pride Month? A Pedophilia Pride Month? Don’t laugh. Have you ever seen a Gay Pride Parade that did not include conspicuous participation by the National Man-boy Love Association (NAMBLA)?

The anniversary of D-Day falls in June and that gets a one-day observance. So does Flag Day. So does Father’s Day. So do Memorial Day in May and Independence Day in July. But we are supposed to take pride in the LGBT “community” for an entire month.  It’s not enough to go “gay” for a day.

Perhaps the Center for Disease Control will put out bulletins reminding people that homosexual sexual activity is a good way to spread AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Perhaps we will have recreation on the White House lawn of the way LGBT Pride was celebrated in Sodom and Gomorrah long ago, before those progressive communities were lost to “climate change.” (It got warm very quickly, according to extant reports.) Perhaps the American Psychiatric Association can explain the scientific evidence that persuaded the APA to drop its listing in 1973 of homosexuality as an objective mental disorder. That scientific evidence will be quite hard to find.

Because in truth, it was not scientific evidence, but political pressure that brought the APA to a higher level of politically correct “consciousness” about homosexuality. The homosexual lobby has flexed its muscle often, as it did in the 1990s, when it prevailed on CBS to suspend popular 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney for stating in one of his monologues that AIDS is a behavior generated disease, spread through intravenous drug use and homosexual activity. Again, it was not bad science that had Rooney in the dock. It was having the bad judgment to speak a politically incorrect truth. And CBS, once so proud of standing up to Sen. Joe McCarthy in Edward R. Murrow’s “See it Now” broadcasts, simply caved and genuflected before the "gay" battalions.

In what sense do these groups form a community? What is their posterity? What will be their legacy, other than lives caught short by AIDS and families ruined by men who leave their natural affections for their wives for their unnatural affections for other men? Who will put a price tag on the lives and creativity lost on the part of youngsters whose imaginations have been hopelessly corrupted by the “gay” propaganda foisted onto America’s children with our tax dollars? At a time when American youth appear to be falling further and further behind children in other countries in the all-important disciplines in Math and Science, how will we justify to parents of today’s children the time spent in the classroom teaching their children to read and celebrate Heather’s Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate, Frank? (This is no joke; such texts are already being used in some elementary school classrooms.)

The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, once a stalwart contingent of “God’s frozen people,” is now headed by an openly “gay” bishop who has long since left his wife and children and will soon be able, under New Hampshire law, to marry his homosexual partner. How far are we from the day when the Bible will be outlawed as “sexist, homophobic” literature and quoting it will be considered a “hate crime”?

According to some pundits, calling a doctor who specializes in abortions an “abortionist” is hate speech or at least something very close to it. So is saying that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history. Truth, in our politically correct age, is no defense.

At a time when human rights are under attack all around the world and, most tragically, by the U.S. government, its allies and mercenaries, state human-rights commissions may soon be coercing employers into giving paid leave to transgender workers who need time off for a sex-change operation. As a group, aptly named “The Kinks,” used to sing …

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.”

Barack Obama intends to make it even more so. “My Administration has partnered with the LGBT community to advance a wide range of initiatives," he boasted in his proclamation declaring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. “At the international level, I have joined efforts at the United Nations to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. Here at home, I continue to support measures to bring the full spectrum of equal rights to LGBT Americans.”

— Photo: White House

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