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News Hounds' Defense of Planned Parenthood

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On February 11th, News Hounds’ one-named reporter Priscilla wrote that those “most hated by the American Christian right” were Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood. The article “Megyn Kelly Skews The Truth to Attack Planned Parenthood”, which reads more like a blog, adds “[Planned Parenthood], which helps so many women (particularly low income women) is seen as the agent of the anti-Christ by those who don’t like government except when it comes to women’s reproductive systems.”

Priscilla’s article is in response to Fox News’ coverage of the recent report published by Planned Parenthood advocating sex education for children as young as 10.  Her entire article is in defense of both Planned Parenthood and the report. “The report in question…is about working ‘towards a world where women, men, and young people everywhere have control over their own bodies, and therefore their destinies.  A world where they are free to choose parenthood or not; free to decide how many children they will have and when; free to pursue healthy sexual lives without fear of unwanted pregnancies’…What part of that is a problem?”  For many, the answer to that question is easy: it’s a lie. 

To begin, the inclusion of “men” in the report is a mere formality, since men have been removed from the pregnancy equation since 1973. Men are not legally provided with the benefit of input, unless the women choose to keep the child. In that case, the man is legally obligated to support the child financially.  However, that is the extent of his duty, at least legally: sperm and money.  

Furthermore, Priscilla, like most members of the pro-choice movement, is probably unfamiliar with the real Planned Parenthood. Most Americans in general are unaware of the original intent of the Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. In 1939, Sanger created the program known as “Negro Project”, which was intended to restrict, even exterminate, the black population. In “The Negro Project: Magaret Sanger’s Eugenic Plan for Black Americans”, Tanya Green writes, “Under the pretense of ‘better health’ and ‘family planning’, Sanger cleverly implemented her plan…Some within the black elite saw birth control as a means to attain economic empowerment, elevate the race and garner the respect of whites.” Reverend Johnny M. Hunter, leader of the 1999 “Say So” march that was assembled in protest against the decisions of Brown v. Board of Education and Roe v. Wade, agrees.  “We have become victims of genocide by our own hands.”

When pro-choice groups attempt to justify abortion by arguing that it can be beneficial in cases when a child is expected to be born with a deformity, it seems reminiscent of Hitler and his preoccupation with creating the master Aryan race. This is not a far stretch from Margaret Sanger’s original objective. In fact, she aligned herself with eugenicists whose fixations with racial supremacy lead them to try and impose segregation, sterilization, birth control, and abortion on “inferior races”. Green adds that Sanger built Planned Parenthood “on the ideas and resources of the eugenics movement.” Unbelievably, it was eugenicists that financed many of the early projects, including birth control clinics and “revolutionary” literature. Sanger’s own writings reflect this particular ideology:

Organized charity itself is the symptom of malignant social disease.  Those vast, complex, interrelated organizations aiming to control and to diminish the spread of misery and destitution and all the menacing evils that spring out of this sinisterly fertile soil, are the surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding and perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents and dependents. 

What constitutes Sanger’s definition of “defectives, delinquents and dependents”? It obviously includes black Americans since that is who was targeted in her Negro Project. But who else? Those born with Down Sydrome? Children with Autism? Homosexuals? With technology progressing the way it is, doctors believe we will one day be able to determine the sexual orientation of a child before it is born. Imagine the outcry if people began aborting their babies because they did not want to be parent to a homosexual.

This is the organization that Priscilla defends in her article. The same organization that is responsible for the death of 52 million unborn children since 1973. This number is larger than the number of U.S. deaths in the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and the Afghanistan and Iraq War combined! 

It has often been the technique of Planned Parenthood to write literature that distances readers from the truth of an abortion; they will refer to the victim as a “fetus” rather than a baby, and to the women as “patients” rather than mothers. Despite the semantics, the baby’s heartbeat begins within the first 22 days of pregnancy, typically in time for the mother to discover she is with child. Stopping a heart from beating is not “termination”; it’s murder.  

For former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson, this became all too clear in a moment that can only be defined as an epiphany. Johnson said that as she watched a vacuum abortion performed on an ultrasound, she witnessed the fetus “crumble”.  Recalling that moment in November 2009, she explains, “I would say there was a definite conversion in my heart … a spiritual conversion.” 

Prior to her last few months at Planned Parenthood, Johnson was proudly pro-choice. However, while the ultrasound was the defining moment, she had grown disenchanted with Planned Parenthood for several months prior to this episode. “Every meeting that we had was, ‘We don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough money — we’ve got to keep these abortions coming,’” she explains. It became painfully clear to Johnson that Planned Parenthood’s mission was not for the betterment of women or the world, but merely to serve as a money-making operation.  

Similarly, Norma L. McCorvey, better known as Jane Roe, the plaintiff in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortions, went from being the “poster-girl” for abortion to a leader in the pro-life movement.  In 1997, McCorvey founded the nonprofit organization “Roe No More Ministry” to share what she knows about choice and the truth of Roe v. Wade: that the decision did not mean liberation for women.

For 28 years, McCarvey endured the guilt over her role in the groundbreaking 1973 decision, and even worked at several abortion clinics to try and justify her role in the case. In 1995, she decided that she could no longer keep up the farce, experienced a conversion, and was baptized. By 1998, she testified before a Senate Subcommittee where she provided testimony of the unsanitary conditions she witnessed at multiple abortion clinics, as well as the lies that doctors told the patients. 

McCorvey believes, “If we are ever to reverse the killing of our unborn in this nation, it will be through education. I am living proof that knowing the truth can truly set one free.” 

Likewise, Dr. Patti Giebink was a doctor at Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. However, she is now the treasurer of VoteYesForLife.com and has become a strong advocate for the pro-life movement.  Dr. Giebink has provided an eye-opening look at the work of an abortionist and has inspired many to follow her in her quest to bring about change.  

Johnson, McCarvey, Giebink, and many others, came to realize that abortion was not a political issue, and could not be opposed or defended from a political stance. Rather, it is a human rights issue that has been neglected for far too long. 

Therefore, when Priscilla of News Hounds asks “What part of that is a problem?” one must wonder how much she really knows about the organization she so readily defends. 

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